Games that play similar to Umvc3?

I was on the mvc2 boards and a couple people were saying that arcana heart 3 plays similar to umvc3. I’m wondering if that’s true and if there’s still people playing it on Xbox live. It also got me wondering, since umvc is probably my favorite fighter, are there any other games that play similar to it for the 360? Thanks

  1. Arcana 3 does not play like umvc3.

  2. UMVC3 is a train wreck of a game that is fun to watch, because its mom MVC2 was a great game and its dad TVC was a also a train wreck of a game. The closest thing to UMVC3 is TVC because part of the engine was based on TvC even though no MvC fans asked for or wanted it.

MvC2 is your best bet (and many will argue that it’s a superior game to UMvC3). Many of the concepts and foundations of MvC2 were used to make the MvC3 games.

Skullgirls is another Marvel-esque game, but from what I read the online scene is sparse. You may also want to consider GGXX, Blazblue, and Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers Resurrection.

A lot of Smash players end up getting into Marvel. I never played Smash seriously, but considering all the stories I’ve heard from Smash players who went into Marvel and told me the transition was easy, I have to assume there are some similarities.

Not only are you in the
Minority with your thinking black shinobi, you basically missed the entire point of what I was asking. I love umvc3. If you hate the game you really have no reason to comment on this thread man. You just came off like a huge dick for no good reason, bitter almost. Why?

To 4neqs, I haven’t invested too much time in mvc2 but there seems to be a world of difference between it and mvc3. I mean the controls are completely different… Am I missing something here?

Yeah the controls are different, they sort of follow the kick punch layout of SF games and not the more homogenized L M H S one that MvC3 follows*. I was thinking more along the lines of supers/cancels, team supers/DHC’s, snapping out etc

MvC2 doesn’t have a universal S/launch button or X-factor or TAC’s and its OTG’s are not as loose as U/3’s.

*On that note, if you have a Wii you might want to try out Tatsunoko vs Capcom. I believe that was the real forerunner to MvC3 if we’re going by layout.

Tatsunoko is the only answer. The Capcom characters in UMVC3 were pretty much ported from it, to that point. Baroque = X Factor.

Nothing else plays like it. Especially not MVC2. Not gonna argue about whats better (2 lol) but other than DHC’s and some characters, nothing is the same. Hit stun decay, and the rigid OTG system, and the one hit TOD’s, air grabbing, resets, I mean the basic meta is nothing the same.

And no Arcana plays nothing like UMVC3. If someone told you that, the dumbass must think “3 attack buttons = plays like UMVC” . By that logic Injustice must play like Marvel, I mean its 3 buttons, and has footdives.

lol. anyone who plays Marvel 3 will tell you that yes, it is a trainwreck. it is popular anyway. but no one playing the game has any delusions that it’s a well-designed game.

don’t get butthurt so easily. he gave you a pretty helpful response.

TVC is just a worse version of MVC3 anyway.

You didn’t even say what you like about MVC3 so people can’t really help you…

People that play UMvC3 are so tsundere about it

AH3 does not exist for NA 360 unless you have an import and a way to get around region locking. Also, it plays nothing like UMvC3.

Wait, which part did you have a problem with?

… Was it the part where I, as an arcana player, told you that AH3 is not like marvel.

… or was it the part where I told you that the closest game to UMVC3 was TVC?

… was it the part after my post where multiple people agreed that the closest game to UMVC3 was TVC?

… was it the part where I said MVC3 was built off of the TVC engine even though MVC2 fans didn’t want it to be? If you don’t believe me you can go to the beginning of the MVC3 forums and read it for yourself, at least what wasn’t deleted by mods trying to keep mvc2 fans from revolting.

… or are you under the impression that the general opinion on UMVC3 isn’t that it is trash? I’m not going to force you to do the research, but even top UMVC3 players, people who play the game for hours a day and make money off of it will overwhelmingly tell you that the game is…well a train wreck. I love watching marvel, but most people who know about fighting games will tell you the same thing. Sorry if you didn’t want to hear that but, oh well.

btw regardless of how I feel about the game, the reason I replied is because I knew the answer to your question, which is TVC.

@ black shinobi- Your post just came off to me as bashing umvc3 which was what I was saying is my favorite for no good reason man. Maybe I misinterpreted it, but if my question was, is mvc3 trash, then your answer would’ve made more sense. Its like you skimmed over detailing arcana and I know TVC is similar to marvel but I was asking for games for the 360, I know nothing else plays exactly like it, I just meant stuff that felt like it combo wise, movement wise you know?
Besides, I don’t care what top players think about the game, those guys have a very different agenda than me regarding why they play and sleep on any characters that aren’t easy to make devastating which hurts the scene when the whole community is just follow the leader. On top of that, I’m healing from a broken leg, I don’t think even those guys play the game as much of me. I appreciate your help but your post seemed to lack detailing things I was asking about in favor of being negative. Callin my favorite game (the one I was asking about) trash kinda rubbed me wrong there. No harm tho man.

I don’t think you’ll find too many games similar to UMvC3 on the 360… the closest would probably be MvC2. Most of the older marvel versus games stemmed from the Darkstalkers system, but there’s no tag team aspect of it, no extensive air combos, and super jump height.

Only similar thing that anime games will have similar to UMvC3 is air dashing and super jump height.

EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot to mention Skullgirls.

Thread opener, what are you exactly disagreeing with in my post?

This dude asks a question.
Gets an answer.
Disagrees with posts because it’s not the answer he wants to hear.

Novril, I think he doesn’t like that you told him the truth about his favorite game.

@tataki- I didn’t disagree with anything you said man, my second post was directed at black shinobi. I gotta edit it to be more clear.

@sirmixahlot- its not that i didnt like the answers as much as they veered totally off topic and away from my questions. I didn’t ask what peoples opinions on mvc3 were, if they liked the game, or what they thought the general consensus on it is, I asked if there were other games similar to it. You can keep your opinions man, it’s not gonna change mine and its irrelevant to this thread. I think mvc3 is way more FUN than mvc2. But I’m gonna pick up mvc2 next week and sink more time in it than i did the last time i bought it so maybe I’ll end up agreeing with you guys in time. I would love to think its puts 3 to shame, what would i lose?
Right now a lot of these posts are just hating on mvc3 without good reason since it has nothing to do with my questions, and it makes you haters sound like total elitists which I cant really stand. I asked If any other 360 fighters felt like mvc3 not if it’s better than mvc2 or if you guys liked it. I got a little agitated because I was looking for some helpful info and instead got a bunch of dudes talking shit on my favorite game, basically talking trash on my taste when everyones is subjective. I’m not mad dude. I’m gonna grab mvc2 anyway, I don’t need to be sold on it. A couple dudes on the mvc2 boards said arcana was like marvel with no details why. People here said it doesnt with No details why then went on to shittalk mvc3. You didn’t get why I was like wtf? Hope that cleared up why I reacted that way.

  1. TvC
  2. Skullgirls

Marvel 3 and Arcana are only similar in that it has 3 primary attack buttons and a special button that has a property to it that isn’t a “traditional attack”. Other than that, the only reason to make that comparison is to make fun of MvC3, because by the logic that I just said with the buttons being the same, MvC3 is comparible to any doujin anime fighter - which it is not, or at least, not entirely.

Asking a Marvel 2 player anything about Marvel 3 is like asking someone that drives a Dodge Neon what a suggestion about a quality car - or conversely, asking a guy driving a Bently about what an affordable car would be.

Anyway, TvC is your answer. It’s the only game that I can think of that plays anything like MvC3. It’s like if you took MvC and compared it to MvC2, you’d have TvC is to MvC3. Melty Blood can be close to being a 1v1 MvC3 in that you have a 3 button system, with a similar style combo limitation system (hit stun deterioration, and I think your opponent falls faster too in MB, but I could be wrong about that). All I remember was putting a lot of time into MBAC back in like 2k7, and when I first played TvC, I said “Wow, this feels like Melty Blood.” That’s as close of a comparison I can think of.

Just play UMVC3, seriously, all the other games dont have a playerbase at all !!!
I have the same “problem” with SF4, I mean I like SF4, it’s my favorite game, then there are all the forum trolls, saying how crappy it is, then I buy SF2hdr, sf3oe, skullgirls and there are no players playing it, and I dont find anything special in these games (the haters may play their old games on there dreamcast or what the hell, I rather play the new games online against hundreds of different players). Dont waste your money with old reported games !!! they are not popular. In the first week, all the people buy the old games, try them out, and after 1 week, nobody keeps playing them, and guess why? (Because the majority maybe think like you, umvc3 and sf4 are more fun to them). As I said, was a big mistake to waste all the money on the old games, I will just buy all the really new capcom games, then I can be sure to have a very big playerbase, new experience against new players and much to discover. In my opinion SF3 is totally crap, skullgirls is for noobs and comborobots, SF2 is good (but hd remix in general was a shit idea with the balance changes), but SF4 makes it better. Let the flame begin!