Games that ruin relationships


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as soon as i saw this thread i was thinking : “MMORPG”


Well, the original idea was fun, most games listed were good, but I ain’t sure the objective was actually fulfilled. By the time I played WW, a 12 year older had as good a chance of getting hot girls as a corpse.

Diablo II was a definite time sink. But if I lived in the US, I am pretty sure I could get to know the ladies I met there in real life. There were a bunch of them in B’s channel, hardcore mode. Good old times when I had 90 ms latency to US East coast.

Girls always loved Mario. If you played near them, you could just hand them the controller and start your sweet talk stuff. If you weren’t like 8 year old by then, that is. That wouldn’t help.


Or you could, you know, get the girlfriend playing fighting games, too.


^^^ Impossible. I tried to teach my girl SF2. Her inability to pick up anything I was talking about pissed me off so much that it was better that she didn’t play.


What is this “relationship” you speak of?


My wife HATES street Fighter, LOL. And when I play first-person games she gets sick has to leave the room. She does like some RPGs and games with good stories (she’s actually told me before, “you can’t quit playing now, I want to see what happens next!” LOL). We used to take turns playing Resident Evil Code:Veronica on the Dreamcast. We played through Hunter: The Gathering on Xbox1 together on co-op (though it almost led to a couple of fights, one person hogging the power-ups, LOL). We play Carcassonne together a lot, she likes puzzle games.

But she will never, ever, ever, ever, like any version of Street Fighter, or me playing it, LOL.


^^^ ditto. you should see the shenanigans that my girl does while I’m playing sf2. everything from blocking the TV to turning off the game.


Having sex while playing Street Fighter, i really dont recommend it unless you’re a pad warrior…Putting an arcade stick on top her flat ass isn’t exactly the most stable…

My asian wife shenanigans is very similar to DNGR, walking by slowly across the tv, turning off the tv, trying to have a conversation, she even sometimes throws things at me…Her secret weapons is grabbing one of the babies & put her on my lap & then walks away…


finally, someone that feels my pain.


My wife is totally cool with SF as long as I still do stuff with her and our son like climbing, snowboarding, eating out, etc.


My wife LOVED sf (because she loves anime) until i started winning matches. She loved cheering on the underdog, but now shes not interested at all or she starts yelling for me to, “get in there, go on get him aaaahhhh” when iam trying to concentrate…

I made a big mistake though, i pushed and pushed for her to play games, now i cant get on SF cos she wants to play halo co op or resident evil 5 coop or bio shock (because of the story). Dont force people to like things, She eats all the olives now as well…


My gf plays ST on GGPO and is a more hardcore WOW player than i am.

I must have gotten lucky.


My GF is cool with me playing. I fully disclosed that I play, and many of my friends play, WAY in the begining of our relationship. She’s never complained. I have always tried to keep my play time reasonable and in moderation. Seems to be a good rule.


I can tell my wife supports it. She’ll slap me in the face and says “FINALLLLLL!!!”