Games that uses Arcadestick on PS4

Hey all ive got the hori rap 4 kai arcadestick currently playing street fighter v , mkx, xenoverse
But im looking for more games that i can use my arcadestick with graphics dont matter to me , other than fighting games i was thinking maybe the mega man legacy collection or metal slug 3 ,maybe shovel Knight? What i would rly like is a 2d sidescroller metroid / contra kinda style anyway what do you guys recommand???

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Better if you asked in this thread…

Any Call of Duty game is great with an arcade stick. I also enjoy racing games like Need For Speed and Drive Club. But the absolute best games I’ve found to play with an arcade stick are the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. Nothing beats ripping a sweet guitar solo with my new MCZ TE2+.

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Yeah OP, this was a question better suited for the video game general thread. Since you seem fairly new to the forums (new blood from SFV I suppose) questions like these usually don’t warrant their own thread in the General Discussion, especially if there’s already one existing. The moderators from in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo forums might be a little more lenient but threads like this are usually closed by General Discussion mods fairly quickly probably because it creates a lot of clutter.

But to answer your question seriously:
Non-fighters: I remember I was able to play Strider and Binding of Isaac and didn’t have too much of a problem.
Fighters: Guilty Gear Xrd, Ultra SFIV, MKX, SFV, Injustice


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Thinking of guilty gear is it good? Also isnt guilty gear a anime show?

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You can play Soul Calibur with it. In the end it’s still SC you’re playing, but cool none the less.

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Did you not see people recommend you use the dedicated video game thread?

Also, no it isn’t and never was an anime, it was always a fighting game first