Games to have at the NW Major (assuming this happens)


So yeah vote for the games you want, you can pick more than one.

Things that could influence your votes…

MvC2-Obviously a staple in this in area.

ST-Fast game, easy to run, has been gaining a lot of ground in Seattle.

3S-People actually play this for some reason.

CvS2-Out of towners have already posted stating that they’ll travel here if we have this game.

GGXX Alpha Counter-Newest GGXX game. By the time this tourney happens the US port should be out.

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection-I’ve heard through the grapevine that a few big name Tekken players would be willing to come to the NW if we had a major tourney of some sort for DR.

EDIT-Votes for other games.
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum +1


If you wanna vote for a more lesser played game then just post up and I’ll edit it. I mainly featured these games on the poll as these were the ones I saw most in the thread.


Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


I’m letting all of you know right now…

People just need to face facts…marvel is going to be here for awhile…


Hehe Alpha Counter.

I voted for all besides GGXX. I doubt I’d be able to go to any major, but I just thought I’d throw my two cents in.


I was thinking about GGXX…but I noticed Testament is too good. lol! Trace will have people crying and shit.


I like how all of Deezo’s hate went from 3S to CvS2 almost over night for no real reason.

I voted everything but MvC2 and T5:DR.






It’s all up to you guys, but I will say that it would be a shame if DR isn’t in the mix.

There are a lot of Tekken players out there…will they pay for a register?

I would wager more than ST. Maybe not in this forum but…Tekken will put asses in seats. Espicially since DR Online is a pretty good service and shit hot.

In your hearts you know it’s true.

/post out


I gave the tekken kids a heads up about our major stuff…i’m hoping that they hop over and actually show some interest. And yes they are still a thriving scene unlike what people think around here.


I think I can answer this one…because now you play more CvS2 then you did 3s. People fail to realize that you hate both of those games…you just hate 3s more. I think that’s it. Hit me up if i’m wrong! lol!


You are very much correct hahah.


3s is starting to catch up -_-


Would Garou be a possibility?


I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a niche game. However, depending on the venue, there will probably be a chance to run side tournaments.


As a Seattle Tekken Scene representa of roughly 30+ heads.

I honestly believe that DR should be definetly be included.


For Tekken, it’s not about how many people there are. Portland alone has about 20 players. The question is: does Tekken fit with what we’re trying to accomplish?


In Seattle the 3D/2D scene has usually been pretty intertwined, and it has more members that play the other 2D games than either GG or Smash Bros, so I would say yes.


Portland is the same. There is a notable overlap between the Tekken players and 2D players. Another issue is getting enough PS3’s. I think we can get 4 or 5 from PDX players if the event is here, 2 or 3 if we have to travel.


Why do people care if other people like a game they don’t? You don’t have to play it. :wtf: