Games whose Characters use Weapons?


Thread title says it all, I’m looking for good games (i.e. not Soul Calibur, SC3 was ok but meh) wherein many if not all characters use weapons, be it swords, axes, polearms, staffs, guns, etc.

I know BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, but are there any others out there? Trying to diversify my collection of fighters a bit, since I’ve got the stereotypical 2D fighter in SSF4, and then one of the only good truly 3D games in Tekken 6, but I was hoping to pick up a 2D game that played a lot differently than SSF4 with completely different settings, something other than your typical fist on fist combat. Blazblue looks like it could fit the bill, but I was wondering what else was out there.


Samurai Shodown 5 Speacial


Last Blade 2.


MK newer shit games use weapons.

In some of the gameplay footage of their new game (which looks sick, btw), some character moves use weapons like Sub, Scorpion, and Nightwolf.


fate/stay night: unlimited codes
melty blood:act cadenza or actress again
vanguard princess
dynasty warriors 1 (yes the first one was a fighting game)

to name a few


this thread seems familiar


edit: nm, misunderstood the intention o the thread.


Samurai Shodown (2 and 5sp) is the way to go. BlazBlue, Guilty Gear and Last Blade don’t feel like weapon fighters IMO.


naruto .


Last Blade 2 is awesome.


Kizuna Encounter
Savage Reign


anything other than guilty gear is the wrong answer