Games with an Arcade Stick

What games other than fighting games work nicely with an arcade stick? I ordered an arcade stick for Street Fighter but I don’t want to limit its use to just that, anything out there that are recent, preferably on the ps3, other than fighting games?

perhaps any other game that’s pretty much been on the arcade. if you grew up playing at the arcades, then you’ll understand what i’m talking about, but in the end, it’s all about preference.

Let me switch it up, I mean like games with an arcade stick from games that aren’t made for the arcade.

I found that I can play Burnout Paradise Island pretty good, It’s imprecise but it feels natural.

ET for Atari could probably play well on a joystick. You just need to move the lil guy around.

Shmups man, that is the only way to make it through a damaku(sp?).

I just hope we get some of the ones Japan is getting in America otherwise I will have to get a Japan Xbox 360 eventually. :confused:

platformers, shmups and puzzle games all work well with sticks

Yup schmups. If you can get your hands on a converter for DC, there’s a decent amount of them you can play on there; i.e. ikaruga, castle shikigami 2, mars matrix, ect. ect.

Symphony of the Night. Seriously, Richter mode is so easy with a stick.

Megaman 9 plays pretty well with an arcade stick.

Castle Crasher!

Sonic the Hedgehog for the Genesis. You’ll see what I mean when you experience it.

I tried Viewtiful Joe on an arcade stick and that was another interesting sort of experience too. If you have a PS2 copy and you’re playing on PS3 (or whatever) give it a try.

Also, puzzle games.

I played resident evil 5 with the SE stick.

how did you aim? Must have been a pain…

I play Super Mario World with arcade stick.

Beat 'em ups are great. You haven’t played a beat 'em up till you played it on an arcade stick.

I would also like to throw in, LittleBigPlanet! It’s just great with the stick, but there are a few problems. You can’t reliably slap someone, or use the paintinator. But 95 percent of the game is still there.

Shootemups are great also. Though, finding them for the PS3’s going to be the hard part. If you have an import PS2 on the other hand, there’s millions of possibilities.

I’d say basically any game that only uses one movement set like only dpad or only left stick would be a candidate for use with an arcade stick.