Games with interactive tutorials?


I have wanted to get into fighting games for a while, I bought an arcade stick and own a few, and I can execute moves, but I really can’t combo or anything like that, I don’t know when to do what, I don’t really know how to cancel or link. Are there any fighting games that would walk me through that interactively? Ideally with like, feedback about the timing and what I messed up. I don’t quite have the patience or maybe aptitude to learn how to do that just from videos.



I don’t think there is a game with exactly what you mention but BlazBlue has one of the best tutorials out there. SkullGirls also has a very good tutorial.


So does Persona 4: Arena…


Well I was thinking about getting p4a anyway so that’s good to hear.


Training mode + auto block: the best tutorial there is.


Actually, it’s complete garbage unless you have someone to explain to you how things work.

Rule of thumb for links (and most combos) is, as always:

If it didn’t come out, you did it too fast.
If it came out and didn’t combo, you did it too slow.

Inexplicably, I am aware of no games, ever, except MAYBE Skullgirls, that imparts this crucial bit of information.


It seems like its a thing that should exist, since those mechanics are so ingrained into modern fighting games, yet apparently? none actually teach you how to use them in the game itself. Anyway i’ll try figuring out cancels and links in training w/ autoblock on. Thanks.


P4A’s tutorial mode explains all the basic systems, and then its challenge mode does a good job “explaining” combo timing via its Demonstration feature. Combos are something you’ll inevitably have to figure out for yourself, but P4A will demonstrate the combo for you so you can use that as a guide.

On the other hand, it doesn’t explicitly say this, so keep this in mind. There are some combos which require delaying your next attack, but it’s usually pretty obvious; your move will come out and simply whiff because the enemy is too high in the air or because of a similar situation.


I heard people love the lesson mode for Skullgirls.


BlazBlue does this also - in fact, so far as I’m aware (Disclaimer: My copy is still in the malevolent clutches of the United Parcel Service, so I haven’t gone through it all myself), there’s not much new in the P4A “teaching modes” as compared to what ASW had already done with BB.

All that said, it’s not always easy to tell when you need to put in a slight delay, but generally those are only there so that your opponent is in the right place, as you stated.


Just got my copy of P4 today so I’m looking forward to sitting down with the tutorial and start playing.


[LEFT]I’ve been starting to make interactive YouTube tutorials to help teach fighters. It’s not 100% interactive in the sense that you’re asking for, but it’s a pretty good monkey-see monkey-do way to break down combos and moves.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]The only videos I have up right now are for UMvC3, but very soon I will have KoF and Soul Calibur 5 videos. I’ll just put a link to that spot on my channel keep any shameless self promotion to a minimum. ^_^[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Any feedback is welcome as well. I would really like these videos to help new people in the community, as well as bring everything into one video for vets as well.[/LEFT]