Games with playable netcode?


im a newbie trying to make a break into fighters and i was wondering what are some games with decent netcode? i have heard that persona 4 has a good netcode, but what aout umvc3?( i am on ps3)
help pls


Skullgirls and Marvel 2 have excellent netcodes. Marvel 3 netcode is garbage.


P4A indeed.


Soulcalibur V - both in terms of the connection and the options/ ease of use.


SFxT, Skullgirls and BlazBlue. SFIV is serviceable. MvC3 and MK9 are very poor.


From my experience the following games have playable or good netcodes:
Street Fighter X Tekken
Persona 4 Arena
Virtua Fighter 5
PS. Some of these games online activity could be rather stagnant to almost non-existent, so keep that in mind.


SC5 online is ass man anything under a 5 bar runs like shit and most of the time it says 4 or 5 bars only for it to drop down to 1 or 2 when the match starts, also if the host of the room leaves everyone gets kicked out its terribly frustrating.

when im not getting kicked for using Algol im spending 20 min waiting for a game.


Anything made by Arc System Works
Marvel 2
Soulcalibur 5
Virtua Fighter 5


Any game with rollbacks + stuff from Arc.


I gotta’ be honest. Because of the good netcode and the fact that the game is basically an easier GG is the main reason why I’m picking up Persona 4 Arena.


Virtua Fighter 5. Aris the tekken player was able to stream at 720p with his shitty internet and have good matches.


mvc2 and HD-Remix have had some of the best net code Ive played so far.


everything that has ggpo netcode except 3SOE


SFxT is the only game with good netcode and a decent online presence, well in the UK atleast.


3SOE has amazing netcode. I play on a tube TV, and with green bars the game is essentially flawless. Most people consider SF4’s netcode to be middle of the road/meh, and 3SOE online blows it out of the water.

Igloobob lives in Alaska, btw, and no I’m not joking (sorry Igloobob, you know I’m not trying to put you on blast personally).


yeah like we’ve mentioned before where I live is likely a huge part of it. but personally I can still get pretty solid results from playing ST on GGPO netcode. seems like you need to have good connections on both ends and live close together for 3s to work well. maybe the nature of the game is an issue as well. I can’t imagine people can red parry consistently or react with counterpokes online. could be wrong though.


I’m so good with frame traps in SFxT, I magically get DOUBLE COUNTER HITS!!!


Come back to me when you’ve done THE TRIPLE.