Games you dropped for whatever reason


I was playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 after beating XIII, but dropped it because it had that X-2 vibe. It wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t feel right this time around. Dropped Catherine because I just got tired of dying on the final stages. Other than Bioshock and Kingdom Hearts, that’s about it. :coffee:


theres to many
under the skin
heavy rain
beyond good and evil got lost didnt know what to do
mad world
mario rpg
adventure island 2 and 3
star ocean 2-i wanted to beat it but fucking hell
Jade cocoon 2- couldnt stand that game
dragon quest 9-i might beat it one day
FF5- keep getting lost


After some ungodly amount of hours in Digimon World 2, I just deleted the save file one day and never looked back


Skies of Arcadia

I got really far but eventually I just couldn’t stand the random encounter rate anymore. This was the gamecube version too which is supposed to be better, I can’t even imagine suffering through the original.

it’s unfortunate because I actually really liked the rest of the game in general


Diablo 3. I tried so hard, and I really wanted to, but after playing it, dropping, then giving it one last ditch effort I finally uninstalled.


The golden rule of that game is “when in doubt, GRIND”.

I suffered the original DC version, stopped playing it for the same reason.

The game im sure i´ll never finish is FFX. Cant stand the post main game grinding, and i dont want to just go and beat sin. WTH, all modern RPG´s are some serious UNFUN grinding.


Diablo 3.

Because Blizzard Irvine-Activision conflates RNG with RMAH.


Man, most of the games I play. I’ll name some that I have finished in the past several years. Ive finished, Max Payne 3, Portal 1 and 2, Bioshock…hmmm thats all I can think of. I have about 250 games. So yeah, I dont finish most. I get bored with most games and because I have so many I just drop whatever and start something else.


Here’s some games that come to mind:

Persona 3/4 – Started playing them, didn’t enjoy living a fake life so I went out in the real world and started making social links.
Shin Megami Nocturne – Stuck on Beelzebub
Borderlands – I get motion sickness easily, so I got dizzy playing the FPS.
League of Legends – Got tired of dealing with people on there.


Only one game, and that game is Disgaea…4 I wanna say. I’ve been meaning to play it again, but I don’t want to invest the time to beat it o_o


On the top of my mind
Skies of Arcadia & Grandia II because my dreamcast was stolen :confused:
The same for Golden Sun II, my GBA was stolen with my dreamcast


I never dropped it, but I’m currently on an 11-year hiatus from Final Fantasy VI. I think I was close to the end when my hard drive died and lost the rom. I could also be wrong about that.


Yo, thats like me and MGS2, been playing that shit for years. I got fucked over recently and was forced to drop that shit. I dont feel like starting over so I just started MGS3.

edit - I guess, yeah, I never really drop any game. I always go back…eventually.


-Bioshock 2
-Halo: Reach


I ragequit Zelda: Wind Waker at one point. As soon as I hit the tri-force hunt, I reset my Gamecube and rage-deleted my save file. I was never disgusted with such a pointless timesink in my life. I felt incomplete for not beating the game, as I’ve finished the majority of the mainline Zelda games, so a couple years after I replayed it to completion.

I quit SFIV before any updates because I couldn’t understand why I was playing a FG so inferior to its various prequels and spinoffs.

There are a lot of games that I’ve stopped playing for literally no reason other than the fact I ended up playing another game at some point in time. I have a “backlog” of games that I’ve semi-played through, but I’m not sure when I’ll bother to pick any of them back up.


Funny thing is, I actually enjoyed the tri-force hunt. I didn’t mind the sailing at all, it honestly gave me a sense of exploration. In a way, it reminded me of Zelda 1. You were just thrown onto a map and had to go places. Hard to describe.

I never finished FFIV. I got to the final boss, but I always ended up getting my ass kicked. Didn’t feel like grinding so I just gave up.


And yet D3… where the fuck did Abid’s time go?

The first time I beat IV (2), I was underleveled as all fuck, and, at the end, it was Cecil, on his knees, with a party full of Swoon, who dealt the final, fatal blow to Zeromus.

It could not have been more perfect.

…of course I have steam rolled it, full party functional, every time since.

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I dropped:

Okamiden - never captivated me

Zelda OoT 3DS - not a bad game but when figuring out how to open a door feels like a wild goose chase as opposed to busting the door open like Hanma Yujiro… dropped

MGS:3DS - Awful, awful game. Maybe better with the Circle Pad Pro, but uuh I’ve already beat that game on the PS2 so drop

Solatorobo - Didn’t captivate me

KH:3DS - On the verge of dropping that game because the PS Vita has me so captivated.

Nintendo 3DS - On the verge of dropping it because Nintendo has been a bit disappointing lately.


Yeah I “dropped” my original copy of SSF4 and had to replace it with another one for like 5 bucks. I also dropped MW3 and Ghost Recon on the tray that holds the games in my xbox. Shit refused to close until I just manned up and slammed that shit closed.

Good times.


I dropped RE4 after I ended up in a dungeon after having reunited with Ashley and seeing Krauser for the first time. I saved and when I came back, the game didn’t explain how I ended up in a cave with the merchant and why Ashley wasn’t there.