GameScape X2 Elimination Tournament - Tallahassee, FL - 02/19/10


GameScape is holding yet another double elimination tournament-- it’ll take place on the 19th and will be held similarly to the last one we had.

Facebook Event Page:

$10.00 Entry Fee
$8.00 of the entry fee goes towards the prize pot. Prize breakdown is as follows:

1st 60%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%

Played on Xbox 360. Wireless Controllers will be available if you do not provide your own controller. All characters unlocked. Best two out of three matches set at default rounds and time. No button macros other from 3K+3P (seriously.), no pausing, no autofire. Button checks are required before every match (it’s terrible to waste 2 seconds to set up otherwise).

The same TV will be used. If anyone has any questions, please contact either me or the GameScape staff.

  • Only Gamescape staff may film or photograph this event. :wink:


Since the Defcon850 one is done, bumping this to light.


Should really post these things in our regional thread.

Not that posting here is a bad thing, but we (as in the above thread’s posters) don’t really look out here for events in town.

Additionally you should post there for non-tournament relation things because we’re awesome and play many games multiple times per week, and the best way to level up isn’t by holding these tournaments (especially on that laggy GameScape TV…), but by playing with us.

  • Ron