Gameshark store promo codes?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know of any gameshark store promo codes that are valid? I’m looking to buy another madcatz arcade stick, since it doesn’t seem like the razer one will be coming out anytime soon.

I was hoping to save a bit of $$ with a promo code.

We will get one of these threads every few weeks, while its worth knowing if there a sale or promo to save you cash while purchasing Mad Catz Merchandise. We wouldn’t hide it from you.

The honest truth is you will know when we do, Mad Catz Promo codes are not some dark secret. As soon as someone finds out, it will get posted.
There is (and has been for a while) a Mad Catz ad on the home page of If there is a Promo, it will be right on the ad in bold print.

As of this time, I am not aware of any Promo codes for the Gameshark store

Try SRKDOTCOM, not sure if its still active.

CROSSCOUNTER gets you like 10% off.

Edit: Just tried this one, seems it doesn’t work anymore.

just got email from gameshark store customer support, they confirmed they have no promo codes active right now :frowning:

you should get 10% with the crosscounter code or just wait for a major or mostly any tournament thats not a weekly or monthly by teamspooky and they have promos there too. if you want a se …those are on sale at gamestop for 30 bucks

promo code “crosscounter” is invalid :frowning: