Gamespot Fighting game article

Someone on gamespot wrote an article talking about the state of fighting games and such. It might be something derivative of what’s already been said, but I would just like to post it anyways.

Fighting for Nostalgia

I’d put down my own views, but I have class in 15 minutes so I have to go. So for now, discuss.

Yeah, really nothing new or deep.

3S has an unintentionally hilarious title? Huh?

whole lot of nuthin’

thats true to an extent they should of brought out something original first then down the line see how hyper compares

I think this is a pretty good article. Of course it’s nothing new to the hardcores, but for once a videogame magazine editor who is talking about fighting games actually has a clue about the games and the community guys wrote an article too on fighting games and they know what they’re talking about. But yeah very few know anything about fighting games.

Not bad, but the x-arcade stuff was way out of line though, everyone know they are garbage. I didn’t read it too much in detail though, since I’m not interested in reading a technical breakdown of the games so much

Yes I can tell that they know what they are talking about because they rated SvC Chaos a “B”

Why is it that he picks on SF2? Why is it he picks on a fucking fighting game when at the moment you have countless fucking rehashes of games that to put it bluntly suck shit on XBLA.

Lets really think about what he wrote he flat out says that developers can not be fucked [excuse my French] to make new fighting games which don?t heavily rely on old assets because they don?t think there is a need. Well HELLO would you kindly wake me up when a 2D Fighter in this day and age sells millions and millions of copies in the U.S or even the world to justify making brand new assets and engines for 2D fighters.

The few developers that make fighting games are already having a hell of a time trying to make ends meat from 2D games let alone Fighting games. And the game series which was hands down the king of the fighting game genre when it came to popularity is offering developers a glimmer of hope to not only make money through XBLA service but to reignite the buzz that fighting games had in the 16Bit era.

Lets say that SF2 becomes by far the best selling game to ever come out on that XBLA service and make a tidy profit… what kind of CEO would ignore that? I?ll tell you who a stupid one.

Once you spark interest back into the 2D fighting game genre with casual gamers you start to build a user base which is not afraid to buy your new intellectual properties. You open an avenue which will insure that you can not only earn profits but to take risks and try to implement evolution to the genre as a hole.

I say fuck you Andrew Park, I say fuck you for having the nerve to bash on a genre that you know does not have the coverage or positive press that the SF2 XBLA announcement had at CES. I say fuck you for spitting on something which is a glimmer of hope.

io dont think spong is as popular as gamespot so it doesnt really matter

I find it hilarious that the MK Ninjas(the most notorious pallete swaps) weren’t mentioned =P

Nice article though, and made me think for a bit.

Plenty of competition worthy games have been released lately, it’s just a matter of making sure you pick up on all the games worth playing before they die off. The fighting game scene doesn’t need that many titles in the first place, since people can’t put too many games under their belts if they plan to play seriously.

And this guy’s just whining. You don’t hear people complaining, “Where’s the new Chess? This game is sooo old!” A good game is a good game. Age makes no difference. I wouldn’t care if I were playing 3S, ST, or some brand new SF game, if it’s good and I like it, I shall play.

Fact of the matter is, the gems that shine will keep shining for a long time so long as graphics don’t get in the way, and that’s a good thing. So long as a few more gems appear from time to time, the scene will most likely be fine for at least a while longer.

With the popularity of 3S in Japan (isn’t SBO sponsored by Capcom?), you would think Capcom would consider giving all those players something new to play.

I’m not going to be an elitist and say that things are perfect the way they are. As good as 3S is, at the end of the day it’s still low-res, it still has songs I’ve heard a trillion times, and it still has some balance issues. It most definitely can be improved and it’s retarded when people say “it doesn’t matter if it’s old!”. That chess analogy was just retarded. Chess doesn’t have 3S Chun in it.

How hard is it to convert current sprites to hi-res like what SNKP did with '94 Rebout? Just do that, add a couple new characters, rebalance shit and make new backgrounds and music. That’s basically a brand new game with the best sprites possible and it wouldn’t require many new ones.

God I’m insane.

What exactly is a balanced game? Is it fun ? Does one exist?
Can one balance 3S? If we tone down Chun is she playable? Take away her ability to cancel or link cr.forward and is she playable? What next? Take away Urien’s unblockables? Is that making it better or balanced? The fact is, no matter how much game designers try to balance a game something new comes out. Something else is discovered. Or, then again, it just gets boring. Was MvSF a new game or CAPCOM’s attempt to balance and reinvent XvSF? Which one is still being played today? The point is a good game is a good game and even a good game has problems (Chess players are either playing to win (1st move) or playing to stalemate (2nd move)) and if people want to play fighting games they will continue to play them. I applaud SNKP for continuing their tradition of releasing 2D fighting games, but I wish they would slow down, beta-test, and release a good game with newer animations/sprites and (gasp) balanced gameplay…ok ok, give me 8 or 9 really broken characters so it will be tournamnet worthy!


Lots of Spong’s notes can’t be taken seriously :s

And the article… interesting reading, but that’s all.

Given I remember the guy having intelligent fighting game discussions 10 yrs ago almost- he is a long time player…

Him and Greg Kasavin are the 2d fighter people on Gamespot.

SRK overlooks this and proceeds to post in dumb-ass threads like “Most impressive moments in marvel history”.


And seriously, some of the replies here against the article are simply brain-dead.

He’s actually saying good stuff too

It is sad that companies aren’t taking too many risks anymore, Lets hope that if this project does will(as it undoubtedly will) Capcom will get off it’s ass and actually give us a new game(and no, I do not mean something like CFE)

GG’s getting there too, aren’t we on like the 3rd revision of XX?

The reason why some people here are mad at the article is because it’s true. Trust me, I’ll still play 3s and the such until I get bored of them, but it’s true. Something has to really happen for 2D fighters to come back in full force. And don’t even come up with the SF4 myth. I mean something BIG! It’s a good thing and a bad thing that companies are playing it safe, though (GG is living off the same system, but it’s solid. SNK, even with new hardware, is using same sprites, but they’re changing gameplay stuff, so it’s somewhat okay, etc.).