Gamespot SF IV Finals John Choi vs. Jeff Nguy!

So the Finals are finally up and it comes to a pretty amazing conclusion. Go watch it if you haven’t already, but word of advice find the HD version because they do an awful job with the camera (ON THE FINAL MATCH!!). I say this because instead of you watching just the battle your given a camera angle from behind the competitors.

There is also an exhibition match Between the Winner of the SF IV tournament and Paul Eath (the winner of GS’s SF II Turbo HD Remix tourney) and it really isn’t as exciting as I would ahve hoped but still a really good watch.

After watching it though it begs the question once again… just who the hell is Paul E.?!

it was a good match. I think playing has evolved since the time of that tournament though, like by a lot in america.

Wrong forum too buddy. these results were known a long time ago.

Huh, can’t find it on youtube. Link??

… So you have actually seen the end result before today? Unless you were there I doubt it. plus how is this the wrong forurm for the Result of a tournament? please im new, s enlighten me.

No youtube man its on
here is the HD link:

Ahh okay thanks!!

great shit

stupid hd remix

This tournament occurred in september or october. so you are about 3-4 months behind. It’s ok man. There was thread about the results when the tournament happened. If I were you, I would have posted this in the video forum with a link.

lol…oh man :confused:

haha, people were so behind

Well i knw it happened a LOOOOONG time ago but most people (i guess by most I mean everybody not on this site…) Havent ever seen it and were looking forward to the ending conclusion

OMG! Im sorry for the double post but Stroming Flower I just checked you rep qoute and it sais I collect garbage pail kids XD!!! its so funny because I took second in a really small tourney were half the kids there me and my friends called them garbage pail kids XD. Oh man funny stuff.

man…wtf. why was choi playing sagat?? he is nowhere near as good in sf4 as he is in everything else. should have just played ken. choi reflex+ken in general=RAPE. I realize he hasnt been playing much but probably could have won with ken.

Ken? WTF…

Anyone else notice that guy yell out Marvel around 4:40?

The announcer said "i think we just got a real match"
random guy : marvel
Me :rofl:

they need to fucking de interlace the footage, those horizontal lines are driving me nuts!

Has that guy playing against Choi been to any other tournaments? He seemed pretty good.

2 things. first off, im assuming his last name is Nguyen and they cut it off for some reason.

secondly, no offense, and i am taking date into consideration, but that rufus was pretty ass compared to socal rufus. (lol if that was 3 months ago i guess that would only be either Ken I or Bobino)

don’t be talking bad on my boy jeff yo

P.S. Jeff wtf w/blanka yo? go sagat