Gamest Magazine 1999 3S scans

Just got a new scanner! I know the info in the mag is prolly old news. Just thought I’d include it for posterity. And yes if anyone would like to translate or give the general gist of it, I’m sure people would be appreciative. The Japan 3s matchup chart that someone else uploaded (from a different source) is also here with names translated. Enjoy!

Oh hell yes thank you for this!

Damn I would pay 3$ just to go premium so I can give you positive rep for this.

Awesome find.

LOL thanks, BTW I have more pages, they go through each character with one page per character, if anyone wants to see the rest, let me know and I’ll scan and upload.

Damn Gamest is brilliant. They got the tiers right way back in 99. That’s amazing.

Yeah, that matchup chart is 8 years old?? No wonder some of its things are a little wonky. Why did I think it was made in 2003?

No, thats not from 1999 thats someone elses more recent scan. I just photoshopped the names in.

Yeah…I figured cuz I know that chart is fairly recent. Good find btw.

the matchup chart is cool. a little bit off on some of the numbers but the Tiers are on the dot.

I’d like to see this…

None of the charts that I’ve seen here are zero-sum. (According to that chart, when Remy fights Q, the cat wins two times out of ten.)

the matchups are a bit messed up, but the rankings are dead on, pretty crazy if you ask me.

That chart is from last year.

You blind? I’m aware that it may or may not be a typo but its 4/10 for Remy and 4/10 for Q on that chart. It appears to be zero sum with two typos (Remy and Q, and another one). The chart comes out to a -4.

I wonder if a more recent chart has been released. They’ll probably make a new one before the next sbo anyway

i was about to say lol. seemed a little too accurate to be that old. im like, they knew about gj in 1999?

EDIT: Urien should be higher too.

If Gill were allowed then it would be:

Chun Li

Seems like Ibuki and Urien are supposed to be higher than Gouki though. All the Gouki players get squashed by Urien and Ibuki at my arcade…

:confused: Either way when Urien does damage it’s pretty much over, especially for Gouki. As for Ibuki? That’s just simply a bad match. Just like how Dudley’s a bad match for Gouki even though Gouki’s lower on the tier list.

look at the 1st link , looks like goth or Visual kei fan girls gonna drool at remy .

Urien isn’t as good as you make him out to be, his main flaws are pretty much he can’t land damage as reliably as the people higher than him. He is in all ways a really solid character (he doesn’t lose cleanly to a single character in the game, but most of the upper tierish matches are minor uphill battles for him), it’s just all of his damage comes mostly off guesses or landing moves that aren’t that good! (Air fireballs, c.HP). Mediocre players will have difficulty escaping his “guessing” situations at high level though.

He’s also pretty bad at dealing with pressure!

Agree with Henaki. I think Urien’s popularity is not reflective of his tier placement. I’d say hes accurately placed.