GameStar Arcade (TUSTIN,CA) MONDAYS 6PM-11:30PM! 8/9!

Game Star Arcade located in Tustin, CA is a new place that just opened recently. It’s kind of like Howie’s Game Shack but at a smaller scale.

**What they have: **
[About 10 set ups] Consoles (they have PS3, Xbox & Wii), Gaming chairs (X-Rocker Pro Gaming Chairs), and HDTVs (most likely not lagless but probably only about 3-4 frame lag, not really noticable).
SSF4 (Mostly PS3 copies), Tekken 6, MW2, Halo 3, TvC and games like that. (Paul mentioned he’ll get more copies of SSF4 if needed for like 360)
Tekken Hori sticks and SF4 MadCatz TE Fightsticks to loan out while you play.
There are NO PCS!!! Only Consoles!!

**Location: **14001 Newport Avenue Tustin, CA 92780-7830 (corner of Newport & El Camino Real)
Hours of Operation: 9AM - 10PM (currently)

Its a pay-by-the-hour arcade

Rates: $4.99 per hour on "32 LCD HDTV;
$7.99 per hour on "42 LCD HDTV (2 SSF4 PS3 Set Ups are on this one)
$11.99 per hour on "55 LCD HDTV

All console games are network together and can be played online or LAN.

As of right now, the online play is laggy. The owner, Paul, is going to put in T1 by the end of the month

Pictures:Game Star Arcade 1 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! (more pics soon)

(thanks to Feomex for providing specific information for us)

**OUR GOAL: **
We’re trying to get some events (ie all-you-can-play casual hours, and tournaments) running very soon. We want to help the fight game community in the Tustin area and the areas near Tustin by throwing gatherings to generate more interest and competition by creating a hot spot for the locals.


Game Star Arcade Monday Night Sessions!!

Hours of Session: 6PM - 11PM (currently)

? Planning to be on Mondays. (Hopefully another day also where more people can make it out like weekends maybe)
? There will be 3-4 45" HDTV stations dedicated to this event, if the turn out grows throughout the night we will try and have Paul open another station.
? The stations will all be Arcade style ( Winner stays on while the losers rotate)

? We will try to make this a monthly event.
? 32 man bracket,
? double elim.,
? pot split = 70-20-10

? 5$ entry fee for playing the whole session.
? You will get a wristband showing that you have paid.

? Bring your own stick
? Pick up your trash, better yet, don?t bring in any at all
? Respect the owner and show some class by not blurting rude and obscene words
? Don?t loiter in the front.
? Say hi to the owner once in a while and tell him thanks.

**Keep your eyes peeled for updates because we’re going to get something together really soon. This thread will be constantly updated with anything new that happens in this opening post. **

You guys can use this thread to talk amongst yourselves, hit up other players and get together and play. Feel free to discuss new ideas towards future events or what you want to see GameStar provide. :bgrin:

Reserved for Tournaments & Events & Results (will be updated constantly)

Tournament coming up soon the following week of when Paul gets the T1 all set up and its going to be a Grand Opening Event. All players from everywhere welcome! It will probably be a 32-Man Event. Probably the 1st week of June!

Reserved for Eateries (eateries and good places to eat around the area - food, snacks, drinks) [will update also, please post to add more places you guys know about] {some info provided by Yelp}

TACO FACTORY INC. (good place on taco tuesdays, $1.25 tacos, recommended by FeoMex, Corner of Walnut Ave and Newport Ave)
14455 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 731-1111

Honda Ya (Japanese Restaurant, Yakitori, a little pricey but good)
556 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
Hours: 5PM-1AM
(714) 832-0081

Roma D’ Italia (Good little Italian Restaurant, average prices)
611 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
Hours: 11AM - 9:30PM

Cream Pan (Bakery, really good pastries, famous for Strawberry Croissants)
602 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
Hours: Tue-Sun: 7AM - 4PM

Naan & Kabob (Kabob like food on a skewers, Persian/Iranian place)
416 E 1st St
Tustin, CA 92780

HK Tofu & Grill (Korean Restaurant, like Tofu House)
13832 Red Hill Ave
Tustin, CA 92780

Tommy’s Sushi & Japanese Restaurant
1051 E Main St
Tustin, CA 92780

** Traditions** (Indian Restaurant)
14131 Red Hill Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
Hours: 11AM - 10 PM

**Japonaise Bakery & Cafe ** (yes, JaponAISE, next door to Cream Pan)
600 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
Hours: Mon-Fri - 8AM - 4PM

**Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurants **
14882 Holt Ave
Tustin, CA 92780

Other places:
Taco Bell (newport ave past El Camino)
Jack in the Box (newport ave near El Camino)
Frozen Yogurt place next door to Game Star
WooHoo’s Fish Tacos (on Newport towards Main)
Arby’s (on Newport towards Main)
Yogurtland (on Newport towards Main)
Freshia Market (on Newport towards Main)
Kean Coffee (on Newport towards Main, left side)

There’s a ramen place called Kairakutei right behind the Taco Factory that has really good noodles (cash only). There’s also Rollie’s Bakery (mexican/bolivian) and Zon Baguettes a little farther down Newport (across the street from a Carls. Jr, plus there’s a really good Pho place that I don’t know the name of next to the taco bell, and a Domino’s in the same area.

About the ones already listed: Honda Ya is amazing (and pricey), Tommy’s Sushi is pretty reasonableish, Roma d’Italia is pretty standard Italian, and Don Jose is pretty overpriced Americanized mexican that I never really thought was worth it. The rest I haven’t checked out yet.

Also I had no idea that taco tuesdays changed from $1 to $1.25 :frowning:

As for the arcade itself, the only thing not mentioned in the OP is that they only have SSF4 for the PS3, which are only on the $8 an hour screens, at least for now. Also I know the idea of a “gaming chair” sounds super lame but they’re ridiculously comfortable and convenient, they sit right on the floor and have sound setups and pretty much own.

this place sounds like the bee’s knees

Thanks for the input, Fayul. duly noted. I’ll update that SSF4 is only for PS3 as of right now. The owner said something like he’ll get more copies of SSF4 if needed for the 360s which are played on the smaller screens. :slight_smile:

i hope you tustin folks are leveling up your game, gamestar should bring in a lot of high level players with these tournaments.

Tustin, represent! I’m Tustin High Alumni y’know. :tup:

I work right by this place, was wondering what it was.

I’ll hit it up during my lunch hour (1:30ish) if people are going to be there.

Sounds dope. Can’t wait for some events.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates, for the meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves and arrange meet-ups, etc. I might hit this up over the weekend and check the HDTV lag and stuff like that. If some of you guys wanna meet up and we can play and split the fees. :slight_smile: Let me know!

Are you allowed to split fees? That’s pretty koo then! I’ll be back in Tustin by next Monday. Anyone on here can hit me up via PM or just on this thread. See you guys soon.

I might be down to get together on Monday… I’ll see if anyone else wants to go… let’s set up a time.

I need to check this place out soon, why not Monday? I’ll probably want to head down there around 1.

Can we wear nametags so I can put names to faces? hahaha

Just ask rofl… although that aint a bad idea… it just looks funny… unless u supply the nametags :smiley: 1 sounds pretty good Dan. I hope I can go at 1

Well, I drove by it today just to get an idea as to where it is and all that. Took me about 20 minutes to get home from there, so it’s not a whole lot further of a drive than Alex’s was, except most of this drive will be freeway instead of surface streets. Anyway, still planning on leaving here around 1, so that means i’d be there around 1:30.

I’ll be down to meet you guys on Monday at 1. I’m going to ride my bike in so you’ll know. haha

How long you guys gonna stay there til?