Gamestop #1656 Columbus, Ohio - Super Street Fighter 4 Midnight Madness - RESULTS!

Thanks to all that came out last night, and a SUPER big thanks to Clint for bringing the set-up!!

Good way to get things rollin’. Clint was making predictions, San was throwing his hat & Tony’s Boxer proved to be too much for everyone he faced.

Top 4:

  1. Tony
  2. Dan
  3. San
  4. Steve

Random bracketeering made one part of the bracket a lil too top heavy, my apologies. But still good stuff last night. And of course Tony wins the free copy of SSFIV for his console of choice, the Xbox 360.

GGs & See you guys around soon!

PS- Jonathon, sorry for the confusion but the computer system is a little weird. but you have to get in there earlier to pre-order stuff, my man!

Random is the only way to seed, good job Tim it was a great time.

Great job Tony and great games everyone.

how many people showed up totally?

GGs to everyone.

And thanks for the game!

Also there was a guy talking to me as i got in my car, i didn’t get your name but hit me up xbox live.


3rd place.

thanks Clint. twas fun

12 to play, plus my manager, Logan and me. So 14 total plus about another 6-7 who showed up who didnt play.