Gamestop #1656 Columbus, Ohio - Super Street Fighter 4 Midnight Madness

Alright folks, nothing extra special, nothing ginormous…but my Gamestop here in Columbus, Ohio is doing one of the VERY few midnight releases for SSFIV in the whole company. And I am looking to get people up here to play in a tourney to get more people to come out.

All I need is for 2 set ups (TV, possibly tables and 1 more console) More than likely doing this on the 360. Either way, I can provide one of the consoles and 2 TE’s for either system.

The store closes @ 9pm and will re-open @ 10pm. From there, we will do finalized receipts for the game, and then hand them out @ midnight. But i also want to get some action going.

Prizes: As of right now, the winner will recieve one free copy of the game (provided for by me). I am looking into other prizes such as a SFIV faceplate/skin for 360.

Rules: Bring your own stick if you want. Or pad. No entry fee, but if you want to play, reserve the game before 9pm Monday night. Its a $5 down payment (pr pay it off in full) that comes off the price of the game when you pick it up or you can come back to get the money back at a later date. Or use it towards anything else in the store OR move it to pre-order MvC3 or BlazBlue CS. Its still your money, but it would be good to get as many pre-orders as possible (so make sure you come see me!!! lol)

If there is anything i am missing, please let me know. :coffee:



I’ll be there.

What is the address for this place?

What’s the tourney game – UMK3 I hope

lmao i wish!!!

1704 Morse Rd Columbus, Ohio 43229 :coffee:

I can skip class for this.

how is this consituted as midnight madness when it opens at 10 am lol? u must mean 10 pm?

oops! my bad. yes 10pm!!

Nevermind about the new 10 only idea. considering too many people are playing the leaked version, or got the real version somewhere, there is no point.

COME ON PEOPLE! come up and see me this monring, 10-2, 4:30-9 on Friday!!

do we have to pre-order with you specifically in order to enter teh tourney?

nah, just at my store, not me :wgrin:

If I preordered at a different GameStop (which I did) will I be able to pick it up at this one? My common sense tells me no, but I’d just like to be sure.

yea, unfortunately not. Did you only have just the $5? you can go to the store you reserved it from and cancel it and bring the $5 or whatever you paid for it to my store to reserve it, cash or store credit.

everything is still schedule to go as planned.

Capcom hasnt given Gamestop any permission to sell early, so while i apologize, i have to wait too. :frowning:

hope to see C-Bus monday night!

what system are we playing on tim?

99.8% sure 360’s.

I still havent gotten any confirmation from anyone about bringing a setup, which means we’ll have to use in store set ups (the console kiosks)

but we can at least do SFIV pads, maybe sticks, but i will need to see if we have a table to use for them first.


I will bring a TV and Xbox360.

Oh and I am going to Win…

I’d come but unless someone wants to generously donate $20 gas money to me I ain’t showing up

we’ll see bout that clint :bluu: :badboy: