Gamestop 2nd Round ticket for sale in San Jose area

I won my local arcade streetfighter IV tourney and am looking to sell my ticket because I won’t be able to make the 2nd round. Does anyone want to buy the ticket from me? If so private message me. I’ll be able to deliver the thing in person in the San Jose area.

You can’t sell the ticket, it has your name, and you had to sign a waiver with your personal information including birth date. End of story.

so basically u got owned!:china:

i guarantee someone will buy it


my gamestop was retarded. They didnt even mention signing any papers. All they gave us was just the ticket.

I had to fill out a form at my gs.
i mean they have my name, b-day, address…
I’m sure gs will check all that stuff at round 2…or maybe not?

id be shocked to see a srk member buy their way into round 2 and not by earning it.

how much?

already sold. The gamestop didn’t ask for my information in the first place. All they have to do is call and fill out the info.

People working at gamestops are rocket scientists.

how high was the bid?

its going to be funny at the round 2.

“Michael bla bla can we see your ID to verify that you are this person”
“ohh thats not my name”
“ok then bye”

who ever bought the ticket, come out dude… dont hide in the shadows lol

it was MEEEEEEEEEE!!! i paid only $500 for it. yayyy now i get to play sf4 on pad holla!