Gamestop bb-070 pad questions

I told my friend to not get the noncommon ground pad from gamestop.
So it turns out he got the noncommon ground from gamestop…
Anyways, I saw on joystick vault,

Although Im a little confused. Does this mean I can save some ground wiring by matching the colors?
left and up, down and right, Y and A, X and B?
Also according to the back view, he talks about triggers. Ill assume he meant those are the bumpers? in which case RB can go with Up+Left and LB with Down+Right?
And finally, I see no markings for the Start button. Ill guess no common ground with that one?
So Im hoping if I understand this correctly Id only need to solder about 7 grounds then?
L+U+RB, D+R+LB, Y+A, X+B, Back, Start, Guide?

yes you are correct. you still have to solder a bunch, but you can save yourself some time.

triggers should be a pot on each side on the front. you can solder to the back though if you wanted to as well.