GAMESTOP BB070 xbox 360 controller LT/RT

padhacking thread was not able to help with this…

does anyone know how to wire the LT and RT on the gamestop bb070 controller for the 360, i have searched for weeks and no one knows!

don’t use them there are no 8 button fighting games those buttons are pressure sensitive I believe you will have to put a couple of resistors on there to make them function regular

Padhacking thread definitely has the info you need, looks like you need to improve your researching skills. You need to test if they are active high or low and that will determine whether you need just resistors or if you need a transistor/chip to do it.

So for the shoulder buttons, I won’t need resistors?

I was watching some youtube vids where the guy would put resistors on and then another one where the guy didn’t.

Is this because the resistors are only for the trigger, but not the shoulder buttons?

And BINGO was his name-oh!


Thank you sir.

i would like to see you dig through the padhacking thread to find information about the LT/RT for the bb070, it doesn’t exist, but thanks tips

Check the “madcatz triggers help” thread, it’s dedicated to the madcatz pcb but the info can be used for other PCBs as well

thank you this information might actually help me!