Gamestop didn't give my PRE-ORDER Cards!`


I pre-ordered my Tatsunoko vs Capcom and picked it up the morning it came out. The manager working there said it didn’t get those cards that are “supposed” to come with the cards when you pre-order. But they said he’ll give me a call when that and a fightstick (Someone else bought the 1st and only one) comes in. Did this happen to anyone? You think someone stashed it and kept it for themselves? I feel like I’ve been conned… =P


Me thinka you got jacked out of the cards. All the TvCs at my gamestop had the card pack taped to the case.


while supplies last kinda sucks eh


I had to ask for mine. The clerk was clueless, but the manager was on point.


I actually got two. With Mass Effect and MAG coming out on the same day, Tatsunoko had an underwhelming amount of pre-orders. Unfortunatley, every pack my Gamestop gave out included the same cards, so its not like I benefited from the deal or anything. I hope I didn’t take someone else’s cards!


Yeah it sucks. I wanted to add some more gaming swag to my collection. Looks like I’m the only one who didn’t get cards… Meh, if this ever happens to you don’t give your money to Gamestop!


Didn’t have em on release day for me. But I went in today and they gave me 2! Two more for the treasure trove.


Yea, I didnt get them either :frowning:


Fixed that for you.
(Would do bottle smily but the menu won’t come up)


What happened to that soundtrack pre order gift that Eventhubs talked about?


Happened to me too! This is the 3rd time I’ve preordered a game for the bonus and didn’t get it :frowning:


They gave me 2 sets of cards when i got mine. I was just hoping to get a signed card


lol Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I’m going think twice everytime I preorder from them. At my local Gamestop they charge $3 more than the actual retail price too. I pre-ordered from them so I could get the cards. If it didn’t come with a pre-order bonus I’d probably pick it up somewhere else for cheaper. Well, I’m going to “Tell THEM THEM HOW THEY DID! FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 1 OF 10 $500 Gift Cards!” Maybe they should of said Pre-order for a chance to win cards too…

Btw the manager didn’t call me when the TvC fightstick came in. He said he wasn’t even going to put it on the shelf and give me a call once he gets it. I called the store if they had it in and they said they got it in the day before. I walk in the store and I see the thing on the top shelf in the middle behind the counter in full view. Saw the same guy and he said he was going to call me but he forgot my name and said he tried to see if the other store still have the cards… One of the employees joked that they were going to hide it in the back and say someone bought it when they were ringing it up for me… Talk about customer service! :woot: