Gamestop Finals in SF 4/18

Hey guys anyone on here planning on attending?

I read that they are going to have laser engraving, does anyone know details on this? I know they (Capcom) did it at the launch party in LA too.

The only things i want to know are:
Did it cost money, if so how much?
Do you bring your own design or just pic from certain ones?

Anyway ill be there regardless.

Hope to possibly see some of you there!

you mean gamestop?

I’m totally going.

I’m in there.

Says evo on the flyer… And even an exhibition match with daigo :slight_smile:

Not Evo Finals.


rofl…tell Daigo I said hi…

What the fuck.

evo 3 months before evo

EVO and EVO ???:wonder:

damn, what are they doing laser engraving for? I live out in the midwest and they don’t do that kind of shit here… =(

Just did for you, he said he’ll PM you later when we get back from the clubs.

EVO and REVO… imo. :angel:

i think according to youtube, any street fighter match can be referred to as “EVO”



Its the final gamestop tourney to see who goes to the Evo finals in LV… jesus people.

Its also for charity, and sounds awesome

So the subject is worded a little incorrectly get over yourselves.

Japanese & Korean champions? So that means Iyo & Poongko will be there?

Damn someone neg-repped me for what is essentially a typo… Very nice :frowning:


Iyo, Poongko, and daigo are going to be there. It was posted in the capcom blog like a week ago.

Sweet, EVO USA vs. Japan Championship. I didn’t even know that happened.