Gamestop FREE SF4 Tournament - Milford, CT - Saturday March 13, 2010


Heyy, my GameStop manager gave me the okay to hold a tournament for SF4. For those in the New Haven, CT area, heres one of your last few chances to get some tournament play before SSF4 comes out! If we get enough hype, I think we might hold another for when SSF4 comes out too. Please come by and show some support!

WHERE: Milford, CT Post Mall Gamestop #4310 1st Floor by SEARS end of the mall.
WHEN: March 13th, 2010 Saturday
Strict Registration starts at 12pm, Tournament starts 1pm sharp
SYSTEM: PS3, BYOC/BYOS (Bring Your Own Controller/Stick)
FORMAT: 1v1 Single Elimination, 2/3 rounds a Game, 3/5 Games a Match
I apologize, since Gamestop has limited space and time, we figured its probably better to not do double elimination so people are not forced to stick around for a second game if they lose their first. If we have too many people we may also do 2/3 Games a Match
PRIZE: 1st Place: $25 Gamestop Gift Card, 2nd Place: $10 Gamestop Gift Card

Feel free to ask any questions. I’ll try to answer then the best I can.
Please show up and have some fun! Thank you


Looks fun. I’ll go.


Curious, why is Seth banned?


I have to go

I live 10 minutes away lol

I’ll be there


i lifted the bann off of seth. it was there mainly because were were originally going to use the store ps3 and id have to unlock every character and seth was too much of a hassle, but now im bringing in my own ps3 with all the characters.


Ting!!! In coming for you. Lol


yeh justin! long time no see! cant wait to see u there bro!


punch and pie

…I heard there would be refreshments served, what a great idea, thx Ting :smiley:


yeh bro we have refreshments… “wizu yor blood!” lol



PRIZE: 1st Place: $25 Gamestop Gift Card, 2nd Place: $10 Gamestop Gift Card


I want to go! Justin may I use your stick?


I’ll play. Should probably rent SFIV for PS3 to get used to the pad >.>


Pad!? I didnt think about that. Will pad be made available by the store?


yeh ill have pads available, but i just mentioned BYOC, cuz i want it so that ppl can’t blame the store-owned pad. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m bringing my own pad. I just have never played SFIV on PS3 pad before, so it will probably take sometime to adjust. Will there be time for casuals? >_>


i think we only have time for casuals during registration hour between 12pm to 1pm.


Hey I only have a 360 stick, it wouldn’t be a problem to borrow a stick, right?

and single elim is still kinda wack. I know GameStops in Malls are tight and there is no entry fee but the tourney can still be run fast with double elim and it just sucks if you have an off game and get ousted right away.


I’m bringing my own HORI HRAP to the tournament, but I cant guarantee that you can use it. Its a personal item, and Im letting my friend use it for the tournament, but if hes not using it, ill let someone else use it. However, if two people want to use it, im just gunna make them flip a coin for it. Thats why I mentioned BYOC/BYOS cuz i dont want to guarantee anyone about controllers and put the blame on Gamestop. (like many did during the offical Nationwide SF4 tournament which was totally dumb).

Also, yeh I want to do Double Elim too, but because of my experience at another Gamestop Tournament, I think its better to do Single Elim to satisfy Customer flow of traffic, and people’s needs to basicaly “get on with the rest of their day” instead of making them wait possibly hours for their 2nd game in case they lost their first match. Some people are more committed to win this, but we want casual players to come too and single elim is better for them I think.

Thanks for the comment, hope i explained myself clearly. :slight_smile:


yea no sweat man, I see what you mean. I just wish it was on 360 so I can use my own stick, hopefully I can nab one for my match if I go. :slight_smile:


If “casual” players you are talking about really don’t want to wait then they could just…leave. But whatever it will be fun either way.