Gamestop "preorder" still giving codes?


It looks like the site is still saying you get the code, but has anyone picked it up today? Normally I do my damndest to avoid Gstop, but if I can do from online, not step in, and get some cheezy costumes, why not.


I bit the bullet. I’ll update if they actually send me the code.
Nice to know the MS site ignores your balance if doing from website.
I have $19, but I don’t have a card currently attached to purchase, so I don’t have any funds, as it says $19.86 in the corner.


10 minutes ago I received the automated email with my code.
So for what it’s worth, you may still be able to order on Gstop and get a code.
Side note, change your billing address to New Hampshire and you can avoid the sales tax as well.