GameStop ROUND 2 Winners Circle (2/28/09)


I decided to make a new thread for the round 2 winners.

Name: Christian O’Hanlon
Store Location: Staten Island, NY
Character(s) used: Sagat

of players entered: 16

Place finished: 1st

Comments: Did anyone else get gypped out of a prize? I was very excited to receive a fightpad, but the store didn’t have them. They didn’t have anything! Just another green headband. Is there anywhere I can go/contact that I can try to get my prize? Thank you if anyone can help; I really want that pad.


Name: Eric Tharnish
Gamestop Location: Spotsylvania Mall/Fredericksburg, VA
Number of Players: 6
Place Finished: 1st

The quality of competition was the same as Round 1.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

I didn’t get my fight pad either, but the guy got my number and gave me the store number as well, so when their next shipment of fight pads or whatever come in, I’ll be contacted (riiiiiight) or I can inquire about where the fuck my prize is at. You should probably do the same, etc.


I asked the manager about this, they just said they never got them in, and it didn’t sound like they were getting them in either. The person running the tournament there was saying the Fightpads and Sticks (Round 3) prizes were mistakes, that there were none of those to be given away. Now I am trying to figure out how to approach this, because on the Gamestop website is says EVERYWHERE those are indeed prizes. Particularly the pad.


Just press the issue, show them the rules, and then take your issue higher/past Jimmy McManager if the guy decides to play stupid about it.


Name: Michael Osborne
Store Location: Beckley, WV
Character(s) used: Ken

of players entered: 8

Place finished: 1st

I also didn’t get my pad, but I made sure they would call me when it came in stock. He said they would ship it to a closer Gamestop for me.

The guy running it almost didn’t have us do our final match, he was gonna say we both got first. He was wondering why they only got 1 headband in, so he said we could fight to decide who gets that…I’m like yeah, I think that’s what we were supposed to do :sweat:


I won my store and the guy said they didnt receive the fight pads as part of the shipment with the materials for round 2, but that they were instructed to take phone numbers and give people a call once it gets in.


I R Pissed.

I was supposed to play at the Gamestop in Peoria IL today and didnt even get to fight. I got bogus directions from the Bloomington IL store AND from Google Maps (I think they just did what I did and went to google) and since I had never been to this particular mall, It took me an additional 30 minutes to find the mall THEN the store in the mall. All in all, I showed up 10 minutes late and they toyed around with a losers bracket possibility that never happened, then apparently one of the giys left and they wouldnt let me take hsi place.

This has not been a good day.

Im positive I would have done well against the comp. No knock to them, but I was expecting a bigger jump in skill from round 1 to 2.

Looks like Ill have to troll the forums to see if I can get in on some action in Champaign, Peoria or Chi-town. I was hoping to get my feet wet a bit and meet some tourney level talent in the Chi, but no such luck I guess.


Should I go about trying to maybe contact Capcom or Gamestop about this? At the store I was out, they made it sound as if I’ll never see a Fightpad. I think I remember they specifically said that the Pad or Stick for next week are “mistakes” on the web site.


Name: Wynston Williams
Store: Oswego, IL
Character: Ken

of players:10

Placed finished: 2nd(though I didn’t even try in final match since there was no point)


Name: Eric Molina
Store Location: Melbourne, FL
Character(s) used: Blanka

of players entered: 5

Place finished: 1st


Name: Robin Palm
GameStop Location: Sterling, VA
Character Used: Zangief
number of players: 11
Place Finished: 2nd

Got 2nd again. Lost to SLogan’s Balrog in the finals. Still get to move on though.


i won my district
they gave us the $80 sf4 stick instead of the shit pads
i was even given one for ps3 instead of 360 which was nice


Name: Josh Ballard
Store Location: Brooklyn, OH
Number of Players: 9
Character Used: Balrog
Place Finished: 1st

Not much different from Round 1, though this time I actually pulled off a headbutt into ultra. =P

Finals match was meaningless, we both got a headband. They said they’ll let us know when the fightpads come in, so hopefully CapMaster’s store was just full of shit.

Round 3 isn’t too bad for me, about an hour and a half drive. Definitely hope the rumor about allowing sticks is true…


David Hem and Harold won the Missouri City, TX tournament today. Due to a mix up, they ended up making a loser’s bracket, where the winner won a spot for a bye in the winner’s bracket and a $25 gift card. The guy lost only to have his friend call him out for coming back just to lose. The only good Ken there was David and I got knocked out by some smart and sick tick throws from Gief :tup:. One thing I am confused though is that they are making them bring the huge bracket into the Holcombe store for the 3rd round instead of going up to Plano like everyone else. Also they ended making the second round and further of the winner’s bracket 2/3 rounds.


District Champion here!

PSN: SuperSamyon
Pasadena Champ.
1st: Ryu

I didnt get any prize… they said they didn’t have anything there. Now I have to go through the trouble of following up and fighting with the district manager to get whats due to me.

Everyone who didn’t get a prize you need to make sure you fight it. It is there on the Website so there is no going around it. Either they need to give you your pad or give you a 50 dollar reimbursement.

I’m suppose to call up on Monday to find out whats going on.


I won mine also, with Blanka. 12 people in this district, all 12 showed up.

No pad here either. The gamestop guy took down my name and number and said that they were getting them next week and that he’d give us a call. It looks like the same thing has happened east coast, west coast, south, midwest, etc. Someone just didn’t have their shit together with this thing.
I’m 100% sure nobody will get screwed though. You’ll have to follow up on it, but you’ll get your pad.

–Jay Snyder


Won my district.


The actual tournament was probably the most difficult/frustrating tournament I’ve ever been to. Not because my competition was so fierce but because the dpads were so worn out that I couldn’t do anything. I was losing to shenanigans so I had to go on Defense mode and figure out a cheap strategy.

Even worse was that the match was set to 60 seconds which meant a lot of timeouts happened. I think I won 3 rounds because of timeouts. I had to incorporate the time factor into my gameplay and just waited for my opponent to chase me down.

I had to go up against Balrog who was pretty good at rushing down but not so good on strategy. Still, because doing DP was impossible it took me to the limit.

Then I had to go against a Guile who was pretty awesome and had some nice setups.

Fun tournament but very difficult and stressful.


so whats the deal with this thing. the site says “qualifying prize” since there are two qualifiers does that mean we both get a pad? i am curious. i may look into this if anyone doesnt know the definite answer.

ninja edit: there were no pads at this gamestop either.

and please allow there to be sticks at the next one.


Name: Andrew Pickett
Store Location: Hurst, TX
Character(s) used: Dictator

of players entered: 18?

Place finished: 2nd

There were a bunch of good players on the other side of the bracket. I got lucky with the bracket placement. I just had to headstomp some Ken and Sagat players.