Gamestop Round 3 Winners!


Congratulations to the winners! Laugh to the scrubs in Upstate NY!

Glendale, Arizona - Juicebox Abel - Abel
San Jose, California - Chris “CSB” - Balrog
Orlando, Florida - Trent “GimmeThemShoes” Vandeven - Balrog
Chamblee, Georgia - Mike Ross - E.Honda
Chicago, Illinois - Ari “Floe” Weintraub - Sagat
Louisville, Kentucky - Jason “DreamTR” Wilson - M. Bison
La Place, Louisiana - “jakob002” - M. Bison
Halethorpe, Maryland - Eric “Ramza” Kim - Sagat
Bloomington, Minnesota - Kyle “Coyotegrey” - Zangief
Winston Salem, NC - Peter “Ptown” - M. Bison
New Jersey, New Jersey - Christian “CapMaster” O’Hanlon - Sagat
New York, New York - Justin Wong - Rufus
Irondequoit, New York - Rahsaan “EvilRahsaan” - Dhalsim
Maumee, Ohio - Antawn Ortiz - Balrog
Plano, Texas - David “AznHitler” Hem - C.Viper
Tukwila, WA - Jason “A-Dhalsim” Cole - Balrog

Balrog (Boxer) - 4
M. Bison (Dictator) - 3
Sagat - 3
Abel - 1
E. Honda - 1
Zangief - 1
Rufus - 1
C. Viper - 1
Dhalsim - 1



Mike beat Long Island Joe, and some guy from japan in the finals!


gs mike!


MD- Eric “ramza” Kim



Lol. Those poor other guys in that tourney.


god damn David Hem, good shit


good shit roooosss





I lost to Trent in the semi-finals. It was fun while it lasted, I had so many amazing comebacks. To anyone who was there i was the hispanic in the brown hoodie


Nice Job Mr. HeM Always droppen dopeness


Well, I came back from Round 3 in Maumee,OH. I was in the final and lost to this good balrog player Antawn Ortiz (spellin?) that kid is from detroit,michigan. My Zangief failed me. :frowning:


Rashaan won the Rochester, NY tourney. Very good Sim

tidbit: i like how i’ve been calling for the past week asking if its going to be on pad or not. So I practice on pad the whole time. Somebody brings there sfiv se stick and suggest if they can use it or not. Most people were like hell nah. But the manager busted out another se stick and said yea you can use it if you want. All i’m sayin is if its going to stay pad then let that shit stay pad and don’t change the rules later. Good tourney though


Thats The Alucard. Good 3s player.


[*]:pray::pray::pray::pray:vgs mike ross. show them that former marvel players are the best.


I was pretty upset when I lost to him cause the pad failed me.

I was up 2-1 then he was going to die when I hit him with tiger uppercut and FA cancelled and dashed but the dash didn’t come out so I wasn’t able to ultra then he came back and won. I sooooo hate 360 pads on sf lol. ggs though he wasnt bad


Was he the Balrog in one of the first matches of the day against a Zangief?

Talked to him for a bit, he was a cool guy.

I only got to catch the first round, so didn’t see the end. He looked tough.

I was pissed that I got matched up with an Abel, lol. I spent the better part of the week practicing against Giefs, knowing that they were going to be all over (there were like 8 in the first round), and then I get matched up with a character I’ve literally never seen anyone play with. We had a great match. Came down to the last round and within a couple hits on either side.

I made some retarded mistakes because I was pretty much just coming up with shit as I went along.

Wish I would have been able to go on, cause I would’ve toasted some of those Sagats that I saw.

If that Abel player is around here (I was the Bison), hit me up. I want a rematch, lol.


I don’t even know anyone in upstate ny that’s decent other than myself. I couldn’t make the tournaments due to time constraints though.


Yeah, I had some problems (pad on the right). I threw about 3 focus attacks. I never throw focus with Bison. No idea why those fired out. I don’t even use a lot of MK, so no idea how it happened.


Dude they had both SE sticks there and they didn’t let us use them. They said they had a conference call saying all the stores didn’t get them so they decided not to use them.


CSB won with Balrog in SJ