GameStop SF IV Tourney 2/21/09 Freehold, NJ


Just curious who else is going to this location, because for me it is rather the Edison one or this one. This one is closer for me, so I’ll be attending this location.

Also it seems that you have to apply 30mins prior to 2pm as listed in the official rules “All Contestants must check-in with the onsite GTD at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of play.”

Time: 2pm
Location: GameStop Raintree Towne Center 9 Village Center Drive, Space E-02 Freehold NJ 07728
Date: 2/21/09 (Saturday)
Console: Xbox 360

Here is the official link:

Anyway, excited and lets see a good turnout at the freehold location.


Turnout not so great, but anyway I advanced to round 2. Whoever else is coming to freehold, see you next Sat 28th.


yeah ill see you in round 2 but i hate this shit seriously fuck a pad…need to let us use arcade sticks


I wish my round 2 was at freehold, but its at bordentown. Even though, the gamestop i won is in holmdel (30min awy from freehold), i have to drive 2 hours to bordentown!.. Shits Weak!


I advanced at East Brunswick mall and the store doesn’t know which round 2 we’re going to yet, probably either Freehold or Edison.

Does anyone know what the skill level will be for freehold and how many people will be at each tourney?


I would’ve been at your location since I live in Jackson, but I have to work Saturdays and Sundays, so that killed me going. :-\

Congrats though.



I was at the Bordentown gamestop tourney and that shit was weak as helll. 6 ppl signed up total and 3 were my friends. The other 3 didn’t show up so me and my friend won. The only good thing is it’s not a high traffic area. They say that 30 should be showing up for Round 2 and Round 3 will be held in Cherry Hill.


ill be going to the bordentown round 2, is it a big place, and are you and your friend good?


Awesome man see ya there. We’re not too shabby. I play ken and he plays ryu. We were consumed heavily into sf3 in december and now its all about sf4. We’re starting to get our feet wet in this tourney stuff. But really how good can good can anyone be playing on that sorry excuse of a controller.