Gamestop Street Fighter IV Tournament

Hey guys, just thought you’d all like to hear this. I manage a gamestop store and just received this e-mail from my District Manager.

**Street Fighter 4 Tiered Tournament Program:Our tiered tournament program has been such a success that we are bringing it home to a title that was born for tournaments! Street Fighter 4 will be a perfect partner in our quest to bring the biggest tournaments to our players.

Approximately 160,000 customers will have a chance to compete in a nation-wide, ladder up tournament for a chance to win a Street Fighter Classic Arcade System!

2-21-09: Round 1 Tournaments in approximately 2500 Stores.
2-28-09: Round 2 Tournaments in approximately 270 stores.
3-14-09: Round 3 Tournaments in 16 stores.
4-18-09: Finals!

Participating stores will be provided with tournament kits that will include all signage, brackets, rules and winner’s certificates. In addition, all participating stores will receive prizing. This tournament will be supported with in-store signage, call-outs on our website, and targeted emails. Although reservations in stores may seem low at this moment in time, we expect the reservations to increase substantially prior to launch.**

I did a search and nothing came up for this, so I figured I’d let everyone in on the big secret at gamestop. I, like the rest of you I’m sure, would really, really like to see a Shoryuken member win this tournament. After all, you are the best, right?

oh sweet,I was going to put up info that I knew of lol Where I live in Omaha,Nebraska. The local SF4 Gamestop tournament will be held at the local arcade instead of the store for the large amount of people. : ) I would love to see some SRK members show up where I live.

Can we use joysticks?

are there a list of the participating stores? and the sf machine? is it a sf4 machine?

I’m not positive on the actual rules of the matches. That information has yet to come out.

I know for former tournaments (non fighting game ones), controllers were supplied by gamestop. Read into that all you want.

I will be getting more news on this quickly. I’d suggest you call your local gamestop and see which stores held the Call of Duty: World at War Tournament. Most likely those stores will hold the SFIV tournament.

As for the machine, I’d bet it’s a SFIV machine as gamestop isn’t into giving out used merchandise as tournament prizes. (Do they still make NEW machines other than SFIV?)

What’s this street fighter classic arcade system? And I wonder if there will be at stores in Philly.

List of stores plz.

I dont think so …

Street Fighter Classic Arcade System ----> SF4 “Not very classic”

Cheapos !!!

I’m sure there will be at least one in Philly. There were three tournaments for CoD here in Mobile and regardless of what people might say in the South East forums, Mobile is a small city. I’d say there will be three to four in Philly. Maybe more. Depends on how many people pre-order their games.

Can we enter tourneys in more than 1 Gamestop? i wanna win in like 10 gamestops lol.

Mighty confident aren’t we?

Tournaments are generally going to be held on the same day at the same time. If you have that ability, by all means. :wink:

To be fair, not many good players show up for those Gamestop tournies.

I like me >>>>>anyone at union city gamestop. OH YEAH

I like my chances at a couple of the KC area Gamestops, but I have a feeling I’ll get stabbed before I get to the finals…

Then you have a really, really high chance of winning, eh?:rofl:

Sadly, I can’t enter ><

Me and Jav1ts play this game religiously, so we actually do. Having access to the game does wonders.

Yes, that brings me back.

Well, good luck with the tournament then. I hope to see you guys in the finals.

that sounds great. But in the event i somehow make it to round two…i’ll have classes to attend :confused:

will this be on xbox360 or ps3?