Gamestop TE SFIV stick status: Shipped!?

So, just checked my order status at today and it says Shipped under status now! Could this be possible or just some sort of database error… anyone else have the shipped status? I almost fell off my chair when i saw it. Sadly no tracking number yet though.

Interesting, let us know when you get it.

Yup, I just checked my status too and it says shipped as well. Thats about it though.

What kinda of shipping did you get? I believe it won’t move at all on the weekend so it makes sense that it would say shipped in order to line it up for delivery on the 10th or 11th next week.

2 day shipping.

Although I’m very skeptical, but just thinking it could come saturday has gotten me all excited.

my gamecrazy is getting it tomorrow so i wouldnt be suprised if theirs showed up

when did you 2 preorder i ordered mine dec/27 and it doesnt say shipped i also have overnight

Early January…

Did someone negative rep me because of this thread? Geeze.

Yep: “rep status: negged. dont fall off your chair. you wont be getting a tracking number brah”

That’s real … mature? Now i look like some sort of troll, oh well.

I preordered on Jan 11 with next day shipping and mine says it was shipped. I don’t know how long it has said that but if I don’t get it tomorrow I guess it’s bogus.

Someone actually neg repped you for this topic?

Someone’s jealous~

Some people have confirmed having received them already. I think one guy in the 360 thread said it.

That’s excellent news, it may have shipped after all. That would be fantastic, i could break the stick in just in time for SFIV.


i guess mine must be shipped also we will see tomorrow i live in indianapolis will say if i get it praying i do roflmao already billed me today for it

Well, they bill when it is shipped out so you may be in luck!

God I hope they don’t confirm my order before I can get to the bank.

My TE stick shipped…according to Gamestop.

mine also says shipped. i have overnight shipping on 2 te’s. heres hoping gamestop isnt dumb. but im not banking on it.

Hmmm…I preordered in the store. Do they usually ship things to people before the stores get them, or should I check my store to see if they have them in stock? I pre-ordered at my local Gamestop and I’ve never pre-ordered from their website because I thought the products wouldn’t reach me on the launch dates…

they sent me an email saying I need to change my payment option… man I hope i don’t get shafted on this.