Gamestop TE SFIV stick status: Shipped!?

I get that alot. Buncha A-holes need to grow up.
Can’t wait. Getting the TE stick next week too. :rofl:

I got one of those too. I have never been so nervous in my life.

I"m fucking PISSED. I gave EBGames my Check card and the release date wasn’t until the 17th, they went ahead and charged my fucking card. Right now it’s still pending, and it’d be nice to get it early, i just would’ve liked to have known that they were going to early ship it.

i got one too woooooo

I should be getting the “Real Arcade Pro. 3 Fighting Stick” from Hori sometime soon. My only reason for not ordering the SFIV MadCat’s brand is because Hori seems to be the most reliable in terms of arcade sticks. I’m not doubting the sticks though, even considering all the good I’ve heard about them I just feel better getting one from an already reliable brand.

Here’s a link to the stick I’m getting (If anyone is interested):

It’s not shipped until u get a tracking number.


I felt the same way too but when i saw the chance at a preorder i thought i would give madcatz the benefit of the doubt since capcom and professionals were behind the whole concept.

You can’t go wrong with hori though… if i didnt get a preorder in i would have gotten the same stick enroute to me right now.

The MadCat’s stick is probably just as good, from what I hear Seth had a lot of say in the design (or designed it, not sure). I doubt you’ll regret it.

EDIT: And yeah, If I were to pre-order it, it may have been a little late. I actually just recently got an interest in buying an arcade stick, due to the fact that while I’m playing Guile in SFIIHDR, using the D-pad on the PS3 controller to charge his Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks was actually straining my thumb a pretty good deal.

RE-EDIT: The first and second sentence was not sarcasm!

I’ll be damned. I had a pre-order with Amazon and apparently it ships on the 20th. Maybe I’ll get it sooner though.

Those people who got it from Gamestop will be so lucky since they get the will most profit out of eBay.

Started this week at 180 - 230 just for the preorder, now its going for at least 240.

mines shipped! gonna be a few days tho i did standard shippin

mines shipped, preordered from b&n

Tracking Number: (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Type: Package
Status: In Transit - On Time
Scheduled Delivery: 02/10/2009
Shipped/Billed On: 02/05/2009
Service: 3 DAY SELECT
Weight: 1.00 Lb

the weight is messed up, but i dont care

i dont mean to leghump but calipower and afrolegends are more than welcome to come by my place anytime to hit up some sf4/sthd :looney:

1lb? They shipped you a FightPad instead! lol

Fightpads are released Val, not the TE sticks.

Well, it says mine TE stick has shipped too (from Gamestop). I’ve got two day shipping on it so we’ll see if it’s actually true real soon.

I’m getting my blanka fightpad from Amazon. I hope that they got their stuff in too. I’ll keep you guys posted if my status changes. I prefer to have this before the game drops.

mine says shipped as well… i thought i would have to wait, now im excited :lovin:

you guys sure you ordered the TE stick and not the pad cause mine still doesnt say shipped :frowning:

Preordered a PS3 TE FightStick from GameStop on Christmas Day (online).







Anyone else get shafted? Hope you all enjoy your sticks; I’ll be there with ya in…a month or two…?

just got off phone with Gamestop my order is boxxed and shipping today will get it monday :slight_smile: