Gamestop TE stick 360 in stock!



Go go go!

Seriously, there is a thread with 1,000,000+ views you could have posted this in.

it lets me check out the item but it doesnt confirm the transaction because they aren’t available online…wtf?

Thanks alot for the tip! Just got a confirmation for mine :rock:.
Use promotion code SAVER for free shipping.

The PS3 sticks just went out :rofl:

wow… WTF it’s not available for PS3

I think they only had 4-6 ps3 sticks.

That is lame ._. Oh well I don’t even have a credit card. Why can’t I pay by effin’ PayPal?

The 360 stick was in stock right now when I checked it. I don’t have the cash at the moment, but I’m guessing these are trickling in.

You need to get a PayPal debit card. It can be used as a credit card where they don’t accept PayPal directly. What’s lame is that they used to accept it.

If you’re going to watch this and hope they get more, I suggest you make an account at GameStop right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Added the 360 TE, made an account, and by the time I was done it then become No Longer Available Online. /gg

yea its probably a good idea to make an account for all the websites that carry the sticks

lol… so all the TE’s for ps3 and xbox 360 r sold out on gamestop?.. bummer…

it’s cool… i love my SE… just finished modding it, it’s the shizz!

I have a brandnew sealed PS3 TE that I would like to trade for a 360 version TE…if you want to trade send me a PM