GameStop Winners Circle! 2/21/09


Since we have many SRKers attending GameStop’s National SF IV tournament, I’m sure many of the 1st round winners will be from the SRK pool.

If you were two of your store’s winners. Then post it. Use the format below:

Name: Ima Dabest
GameStop location: San Diego, CA (store#____ )
Character(s) used: Sagat/Sim

players entered: 48

Place finished: First or runner up < because the winner of each brackets plays
each other, but both advance to R2.



Name: Michael Osborne
GameStop location: Christiansburg, VA. Store # 989
Character used: Ken

players entered: 10 (?)

Place finished: First

Comments: really close game Arcas V/Everett, I’m lucky you had to put up with that pad :sweat:


Name: Christian O’Hanlon
GameStop location: Staten Island, NY
Character used: Sagat

of players entered: 4

Place finished: First



Name: Jose Lopez
GameStop Location: 5942
Character used: Dhalsim

of players entered : 20 or so.

Place finished: First

Comments: The employee who was running it was so incompetent, he didn’t even know the rules. He was sending people home after they won the first match, telling them to come through next week. I had to talk to him and get shit straighten out, but after that it was fine.
He was calling people randomly and pairing them up, made me lol but I didn’t care at the end of the day.
It’s gonna really suck when the guys who left come back next week thinking they’re in round 2.


Name: Daniel Kanu
GameStop Location: #684 Springfield, VA
Character Used: Zangief

of Players: 7

Place Finished: 1st

Comments: GGs to the Ryu player I played in Finals; I had trouble getting in on you. PM me about the ride to Woodbridge.


Name: Matt Luongo
GameStop Location: Middletown, NJ
Character used: Sagat

of players entered : 16

Place finished: 2nd

Comments: It was a really fun tournament with about half the players having at least some knowledge, and 4 players other than myself who were using Focus attacks and linking combos consistently. Since the finals didn’t count towards advancement I switched to Gief and lost round 5, last hit, I did get a Final Atomic Buster though which is all I wanted. I didn’t expect to see more than 10 players, but the list had 32 names. It would have been something had everyone shown up.


Name: Dwayne Buchanan
Gamestop Location: Margate, FL
Character used: random select

of players: 20+

Place finished: 1st

Comments: Lots of scrubs but dedication fans where there. I wasn’t trying though. But it was fun. Also teach a few people some strategies and such.


-Beastcoast INC.


Name: Sean Bonner
Gamestop Location: Holmdel, NJ. (Store # #4687)
Character used: Sagat

of players entered: 12ish

Place finished: 1st

Comments: My Championship match came down to the last hit last round Intense. My best friend won the Middletown, NJ location, then his older brother got 2nd in Kenilworth, NJ location. We all split up to make sure we advanced. Everything worked out. Met cool people, lots of fun.


Name: Andrew Stevens
Gamestop Location: Kansas City, MO store #2463 (136th and State Line)
Characters Used: Sagat, Blanka

of players entered: 14

Place: 1st.

All things considered, the tournament ran very smoothly. Players weren’t exactly Daigo-tier, but they were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I pimped the site as hard as I could, hopefully some signups will come out of it.

A couple of my buddies won two other Gamestop tournies, and a third placed second. I look forward to the district championships next week…


name: Mike Patrone
GameStop location: Jersey City, NJ (store# #6005 )
Character(s) used: Guile

players entered: 48

Place finished: 1st

Comments: Im used to playing with a stick so I was forced to play with a gamepad on default settings. So I turtled my ass off FTW with Guile.


Name: Jorge Jaramillo
Gamestop Location: Mall at Steamtown Scranton, PA (Store #1264)
Characters Used: Ken, Sagat, Random
Number of Players Entered: 16
Placed: 1st

Good times, my brother and I took 1st and 2nd. It ran nice and smoothly. Bring on Round 2


Name: Jorge Vazquez
Gamestop Location: Brownsville, TX (forgot the number, but it’s the Boca Chica one)
Characters Used: Zangief 1st round, Dictator the rest

of Players: Forgot lol, around 16?

Place: 2nd

Comments: Lots of Ken players. I lost to a decent Boxer player in the finals (he actually did some combos and stuff).


name: cory goodspeed
gamestop location: Bellevue, Ne
charachters used: Sagat

of players 10?

place: 1’st

comments: close match with zangief and rufus, final ken was a scrup and swept him 3 rounds to 0


Name: Andrew Pickett
Gamestop: Lake Worth, TX (#2430)
Character(s) used: Bison
Players: 9
Finished: 1st

Comments: Head-stomped like it was Mario Bros.


Name: Jonathan Lo
Gamestop Location: Austin, TX
Character used: Ryu

of players: 20+

Place finished: 1st

Comments: It was really easy but pad just sucks. Ugh. Especially when they’ve been shit on by 5 year olds that play there everyday.

Funniest comment of the day: “Man that Daigo does uppercut cancel into ultra, so you know he’s good!”


Name: Ricky Harper
Gamestop: Glendale, AZ
Character used: Boxer
players: 16
Finished: 2nd

Apparently playing against Sagat on pad is harder than I imagined. Ah well.


Name: Jimmy Nguyen
GameStop location: Wichita, Kansas (Rock and 21st)
Character(s) used: Dictator

players entered: 27

Place finished: First

Comments: ?


Name: Skratchiechan
GameStop location: El Cajon, Ca
Character(s) used: Ryu

players entered: 16

Place finished: First


Andrew Rexroat
St. Charles, MO
8 entries

Forgot to make sure me and one of our group of players entered diff tournys, were on seperate sides of the bracket so it was all good, i wouldnt mind that fight pad. Now if i could just get my xbox fixed so i could hit up training mode.


Name: shglbmx
GameStop location: Huntington Beach, CA @ Bella Terra
Character(s) used: Blanka

players entered: 8

Place finished: First

Comments: I played 2 people. The end.