Hey Guys this is one of the last Tournaments for Vanilla SF4 before Moving to Super Street Fighter 4!

The 24th of April
Sign-ups 11:00am
Tournament starts: 12 noon

3410 Palm Avenue San Diego, CA 92154
In case you get lost, Call: (619) 429-1597(Store #)

What’s available?:
Casual Play Will be available outside the store.
FREE Food and Drinks will be Available (PIZZA, SODA, and or BBQ!)

$1 Raffle: Mad Catz gave us a SSF4 stick and a Fight pad to Raffle off

Were Gonna be playing on PS3’s

How do I sign-up?:
If you want to play in the Tournament, you HAVE to RESERVE SSF4 for $5.
If some of you have it reserved elsewhere, Lex informed me that you can CANCEL it.
Otherwise, it’s pretty much a FREE tourney.

What do I get if I win?:
**1st place: SSF4 Stick w/choice of 360 or PS3 and Copy of SSf4(Getting it when it comes out)

2nd place: Copy of SSF4(Getting it when it comes out)

3rd place: Gift Card for $20**

Tournament Structure:
2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games
Grand Finals 3/5
Double Elimination
99 Seconds
No Handicap

If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.
No Turbo use at all
No Controller restrictions (Both Pad and Stick can be used)
All Characters can be pick
Buttons Setups are Default (BUT can be changed if want)

GUYS let me know if I need to add anything on here or just PM me if you got questions…

Also Post up if your going so I can get a Head Count…


Sign-ups HAVE changed to 11:00am
The systems We’ll be using are gonna be on PS3’s!
$1 Dollar Raffle! Mad Catz donated us a SSF4 stick and a Fight pad to RAFFLE!!!

What system is it being held on? When is the deadline to sign up?

I’ll be there

count me in too

me too!

Ill also be stopping by for this

i’ll try to make it

I’m down sounds like fun.

should be fun

ill probably go

You better! I always showed up majority of the time when you had something going on! HaHa JK

do sign-ups end at 12? im a maybe.

WEll Honestly were gonna try and get as many people signed up as we can…Well wait a little after 12 if people havent signed up and want to…Just dont show up like 2-3 hours after it started and expect to sign up thats just not gonna happen bro…

I will be there.

ill be there :slight_smile: my first tourney back in sd :slight_smile:

Gonna try and be there, wonder if we could run MM’s at Gamestop ;o

me and eric will be there

Sorry I can’t be there for the event.

But have fun ya’ll. I’m supporting the SD scene <3

Perhaps, Count me in for now.
Might have to dust off the mask one last time before getting super sparky.