GAMETAP Arcade Stick Compatibility (Mac OS X)


I was thinking about signing up for Gametap to play some older Street Fighter Games.

But I am not sure what Arcade sticks work with Gametap on Macintosh.

I have a Hori Pro Arcade EX for Xbox 360 being shipped to me right now, will that work? or do I need a different stick for my Mac?

Am I better off using OSX MAME or Gametap to play on the mac?

I’m using a intel 8-core Mac Pro with Leopard.


I found this online,

It says for Hori EX2 though, might as well try with the HRAP EX unless you specifically bought it to play GameTap on a Mac and going to refund it if it does not work.

At the very least, you might try VMWare Fusion to run Windows on a Mac.

Holy crap you have the 8-core Skulltrail Intel setup, that is not cheap at all.


It’s my Video Editing workstation.

I actually need more power gonna get Nehalem.

I got the controller to play SFIV on 360.

All I really want to do is play some Street Fighter Alpha 3 and finally try 3rd Strike.

I would like to play MVC 2 but that aint gonna happen.

(after reading that, makes me wonder if the MacMame hacks will work with Gametap)