Gametap's the new home for fighting games?

Sooo, apparently Gametap now has Third Strike on their list of games. So for decent fighting games they now have ST, SFA3, and SF3:3S.

And their netcode is usually amazing.

New place for Shoryuken people to flock to? If you harp them enough, I’m sure they will look into MvC2 and CvS2 as well.


edit: I didn’t even notice, but they also have Darkstalkers, Vampire Savior, SFA1 and 2, SamSho I - V, Garou: MotW, Last Blade 1 and 2, and all the King of Fighters from '94 to '03 and most of the Fatal Fury games.

… And they should all have online play.

I’d like to see them do MvC2 and CvS2 on PCs. That said, Gametap is shit compared to the wonderful options for netplay you can find on SRK.

I don’t know too much about gametap, but it allows you to play against other people too?

Yeah, Gametap allows you to play other people in these games.

Their netcode is amazing, though. A lot like GGPO, but with a lot of games.

This is the first time i’ve ever heard something good about gametap’s online. Everyone else has said it is ass.

Nice find. I might check it out.

I don’t know who told you that, they must have a bad connection.

It’s all based on Peer 2 Peer, so it’s atleast going to be better than MAME-type stuff.

Ggpo >>> *

MAME Kaillera P2P is pretty good actually. And maybe GameTap upgraded their netcode. The original report was from when they first got Alpha 3, and everyone said it was basically unplayable online.

The difference is that GameTap has way more supported games. As well as better tech support (I’m sure Ponder is a busy man; so he doesn’t always have time). Plus, it’s legal to play those roms.

They should probably try advertising it.

Right now gametap ads just look like annoying, “Hey loser, you don’t know about emulation? Then pay us $$$ to play that old game nobody is selling anymore.”

I’ve been waiting for gametap to go out of business for a while now.

The way they market it you are paying mmo prices to play sonic, pacman, and tombraider.

Yeah, their marketing is bawls.

But, their netcode is NOT horrible from what I’ve seen and they do have some awesome games.

It supposed to be only 99 cents for the first month and then $10 for every other month… so considering how many games you get from those 10 dollars, to me atleast, it seems very worth it.

And since the first month is only 99 cents, it’s a great way to see if it’s any good or not. I plan on signing up in the next few days to check it out, but I remember playing SFA3 on their netcode and it being the best online play I had done.

And I have played the P2P Kaillera stuff and that was pretty good but I actually thought that Gametap’s code was much more consitent.

I might try this out later on.

gametap is not free

GGPO forward

Gametap is also emulated Dreamcast version, not arcade. Shittiest version FTW.



Looks like they have some of their games for free.

There are all of the fighting games you are allowed to play without paying the monthly fee.

kof96 and darkstalkers/vampire savior :open_mouth:

nice def gonna try it out when i get out of work.

Megaman power battles for the win

IF the netcode is good, then $10 a month is not too much to play for online: ST, SFA1-3, SF3:3s, KoF98-03, SS1-5, Darkstalkers1-3, Garou:MotW, Last Blade1&2, Cyberbots, Kizuna Encounter, and some Fatal Fury games. Plus you get a bunch of other games for free with this subscription.

You can’t even get online ST or SF3:3s anywhere else. At least none that is worth a shit.

Some people need to get online, and try all these games. At least 3 people so you can try half USA and full distance USA connections.

Not arcade perfect. 3S is Dreamcast version. Other games are probably emulated console versions as well.

I know. That’s why it was in parenthesis. Now it is taken out.

EDIT: Link also says that 3s has no online. And that online on GameTap is iffy.

Uh nFBA is great unless your PC sucks.

anyway even of gametap has great netplay, there will never be good comp on there as long as all the other options exist