--- Gametime:Gameover and NeC3 pics ---




i have higher-res versions of these pm me for requests.


-gametime went out with a bang, definitely. it had the best players on the east coast in most if not all the tournaments held… not sure about st though, cough cough :wink: lol

-look for upcoming issues of tips and tricks for some of these too. the current issue has pictures, reports, etc from summerjam.

-just wanted to thank marc p and skisonic for helping me find people for the cvs2 tournament… if not, there would’ve been a lot more disqualifications :evil:

-i will give $5-10, depending the quality of the video, to get me footage (preferably in avi format) of my match vs eric lee in super turbo :smiley:


That’s right, cuz I WASN’T THERE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy holidays guys,



make sure you bring extra money at the break tomorrow for ST cause no one’s going to beat me so you’re going to be putting up your quarter a lot :smiley:


look at the facial expressions on nec3 pic #19 hahahaaha bryheem is deep in thought and furby is impressed or something


yikes, mix-wolf lookin wild!:lol:


Man GT looks so rough on the outside. :lol:

Thanks for the pictures Phi!


:frowning: Wish we could have made it…oh well…guess we will have to find another place to hang @ for big tournies…

Mr Mike looked elite in that last picture…



who’s mr mike?


Is that team TOSF 3S hogging a whole cabinet? LOL


sucks i couldn’t make it to the last GT but it seems like i wasn’t the only one so i don’t feel THAT bad but i still feel like damn…i missed the last tournament ever held in SOVA and then i missed the last one held in NOVA…i suck :frowning:

but the pics are nice and mr mike owns! looks like he could have shown everyone up in the games if he really wanted :lol:


The old man that owned Gametime.

You should’ve been there yo. He hooked us up with loose arcade marquees.

Hey anybody, what’s the status on the Gametime DVD if y’all are making it?


Going through the footage and interviews currently. Hopefully there will be a trailer out in the next week or so!


what up!!!

Hey is there any 3S footage?


what up!!!

We got footage of every game man, plus ya interviews…just let us suprise ya…


If I had a capture card on my computer, I definitely send y’all that time when Estuardo and Eric were jokingly abusing Will Martin for getting beat by Darick. Funny shit yo. here’s a recap.

(Darick’s Sent Rocket Punches Will’s Commando just when he thought he was gonna recover)

Random Spectator: Whoa! God Damn!
Estuardo:"You’re dead!!! You’re fucken dead!!! Get off the fuckin machine!!!"



I think I have that somewhere on one of my tapes. I have sooo many tapes of GT footage laying around


damn, then you gotta do a greatist moments too man…GOD I CANT WAIT FOR THIS…

im send CvS 2 tomorrow…


Just to let y’all know, I was Aerial Assault. I didn’t like that name anymore. So I changed it to this.


ssh, you’re giving away secrets :wink:

I have about a year/year and a half worth of tapes sitting around here, we’ll see what we can come up with!


Must put my match with will on the DVD b/c i beat him and it was a HUGE upset and the crowd was going nuts after the parrying skills took place into lvl3 claw super from vega…but oh wait thats right people don’t tape my matches unless i get owned by BLT in MvC2!!! lol

i have horrible matches on tape and i can see the jokes coming now :frowning: lol

but i bet it will still be off the hook…if there is one thing i will miss about gametime is the times when you just can’t stop laughing

like when justin beat will in CvS2 in like less then 2 minutes and we kept reviewing the tape over…and over…and over…and over at GT and we kept calling people over to watch it will was like don’t put that shit on srk b/c if you do (talking to foomy) he goes i will come down to SOVA and knock on your door and stab your ass LMAO :lol:

you had to be there…he probably wasn’t joking either!:eek: :wink:

ok me out