--- Gametime:Gameover and NeC3 pics ---


heh, thank God my boy was there taping the whole time. (RoTenDO) because I borrowed the tapes before he sent them off to Koop, and I was able to dub them :stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff tho.


You have any matches of nec3 from sunday’s mvc2 tourney?


Looking at those pics mad me sad.:(…


I feel ya. No more S-L-A-M :frowning:

In fact did any of you guys buy the Magic Hoop machine and annoy the neighbors with it?

I wonder if Arvelle got that pic of me and this other guy sticking our middle fingers at the “For Lease” sign.


LMAO!!! That game was the shit! I was the one who took that pic of you two giving the “lease” sign the finger. I am having them developed.