Gametime mini equal dead results 9/4


This tournament was hot except for one thing, it was a mini one.

I would just like to say that GT is dead on Wednesday, but we still had a tournament anyway. Only six people entered the tourney LOL.

Results are

1 Jodi Woodley
2 Eric Lee
3 Anthony Gilbert
4 Wayne Riley
5 Candace Walker
5 Lei LastnameIdontknow

I would also like to add that Jodi did beat my ass last round and that I shouldnt have said the things that I said. I was just mad at the situation. Another thing is that Anthony brought his game up and that is a job well done. Lei, on his last game, had wet spots all over his clothes and I would also like to add that he did leave for a long while which indicates that he found his own way to power up in the bathroom before a match LOL. Just kidding.

So moving on, oh yeah one more thing. That was some gay ass shit KIKIN for leaving the tournament that you were supposed to be running. I dont understand if you don’t want to run it then dont come or mention anything.



Great matches everyone GOOD JOB!!!:wink:

Hey Shin you are still the MAN in my book. :evil:

But Damn I guess Next Wednesday. Eh Kikin you gonna run and hide from that tourney too?
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


You Shin was putting it on them today. That match I had with Wayne was a good one because it was a actual fight.:lol: He had a hellacious Mai and Rock. I admit I was upset because I lost my first match to some turtling scrub who seems to copy people.:mad: But all and all it was a good tourney for 6 peeps. What made it interesting is that 2 of GT’s top players came and made it fun. Can’t wait till Saturday.:cool:


its all good i didnt understand what you meant, id get mad if i thought i won or if i lost one and it was only 1 match instead of 2outa3. and its happened b4. it all swell:)
i gotta go to the bathroom…hahahahaha! also, haha:)



Is someone gonna post the Shit for the next Wednesday Tourney that is good practice for me and prob a few others aswell. If not then I will post them.:confused:

Just want more people to show maybe we can get 8 next time.:lol:

Dude I can’t wait till Saturday.

Yo Shin and GImp you wanna get together and practice?:bluu: :evil:


OMG!! Maryland has taken over the GT weekly!! :smiley: Where are all the VA players @? :rolleyes: Ronin Wing… How many avatars do you have? :lol: Gimpy took a step up on the game…Cool now I can’t wait till Sat. to see how everyone has improved! GT last tournament probably :bluu: I have an important anouncement! ChOsEn_OnE is now using Dan in CVS2… Thank you and good night :lame:



I opened a bottle of coke without precautions and ended splatting coke all over me and my car. BTW, when did GT have a bathroom anyway.

Gimpy: I play the game for my fun, not for pride or how other people think of how I play. I still don’t understand why you got so upset. I thought you were cool at first and don’t thrash talk. I never had a conversation with you, only shaken hands after a match. One loss and all of a sudden you have the urge to go on the web and criticize me. If you want just PM me and I can PM you on how I percieve you. You lost my respect.



I could care less if you’ve lost respect for me. but I guess it’s even. I did eliminate you from a weekly about 2-3 weeks ago. But I’m not going to start no beef or shit talking with you. You do you and I’m going to try and improve myself in CVS2.



Dude I try to get a new av every 2-3 weeks this one I will keep the longest cause I want to see it happen.:wink: I’ll probably keep this one for about 4-5 weeks but i might make some changes.:lol:


MD has taken over… get with the program:)
bathroom is in the back…
he said do you… hahaha:)
for real ppl can come out next time theres a gaurunteed 6 there:)
i dont think i spelt guaruntee right… i cant figure it out shit…



Well for one I believe the reason gametime is dead is becuase of scrubs like team scrub, (shinshay, gimpy and ronin wing) You three are part of the reason good players dont come to gametime anymore.

First shinshay and his big boy robin gimpy who have been losing in gametime for years always show poor spormanship but now a trio they have instigator number 3 ronin. Its no wonder VA and MD beef … becuase you three are poor sports… if kikin didnt want to run a tourny for you turtle scrubs thats his choice…(he made the weeklys in the first place) if you lose to someone say good game and get better dont come hating on people…and as far as copying everyone in GT copys, everyone in SHGL copies that why people watch footage read strategies…to get better and learn. both of you use copied ryu’s from darik and estuardo and neither of you is good you just turtle… so in closing dont hate appreciate… peace the fuck out …good luck saturday all the real players hope third strike money doesnt disappear again…when i heard that shit i luaghed



Yeah I do have poor sportsmanship, but at least I say it to your face, I try to not be that way cause it is wrong, but thats how I always am. So whoever you are, (Darick or Kikin) I know it has to be one of you two cause both of you have poor spelling habits and can’t proofread. Another thing is that only one of you all would give each other props like that. Plus I never told anyone that the money was taken from 3S that time a while ago. Nice how you threw that turtle shit in there to throw me off but its not going to work. Everyone knows that I dont turtle and everyone knows that I never copied anyones Ryu. I am telling you that if you dont like me then don’t come anymore. You act like a little girl (You dont say good game when we play, why not, mommy, why not = whining ass little whore). So to conclude I will say it again, Adam should run it if he says that he is going to run the shit. That’s some dirty shit to run out on the tournament that he promised that he would run. If he didnt want to then he should have said I will not run the tournament this week. Doesnt that sound fair. If you don’t think so well that’s when I have to ask myself, who the fuck cares about what you think?

BelieveIT I think that you are Darick. Dont worry Darick I dont like you either. You were always shiesty ever since you were hustling tokens from GT. It doesn’t matter just don’t ever speak to me when you see me. Just hand me your money when the tournament comes up.


OK i would just like to add this shit is too funny… and I think its funny when someone starts a new account and talk shit haha:lame:

the real reason i got on is to tell yall bamas for G.P. Jodi is the way you spell the girl’s name. Jody is how you spell the boy’s name. Yes I do know, Jody Watley is a girl, and i knew a boy named Jodi but they’re both just s.o.l. I do guess. That’s how it is. My name is Jody!!!:mad:
no offense taken though it happens a lot:cool: info provided by the god himself :stuck_out_tongue: <-----that’s how i look now prob:)

anyway we’ll prob get owned in cvs2 on sat by those guys/whatever so I say fellow MD’ers roll through the RC and throw afireball or something:cool:
closing: everyone be cool and talk shit at the tourney cause thats funny and I love it and I know you do too:D

also MD and VA do not beef from what I’ve ever seen in my GT thread experiences it’s just ppl talking to specific ppl from different places regardless of where from I’ve never seen anyppl/any state wreck… there is no beef get a life:lame:

cant we all smoke a J? y am i so brilliant ? ? ?

also…, its a game,talking shit is not fighting words get a life once more:lame:



Well I agree with Jody. You are so right how people are talking shit under a new account that is gay. I mean if they are that good at the game and also willing to throw someone else’s name in it well come out and say yours. That is something that nothing but a turtling coward would do. And that no, well respected player would try. Because if they are respected that much than then they wouldn’t hide under a fake name.:lol: But if you wanna still hide under a false name than to hell with you tht just shows who is the real cum-guzzling slut. I mean damn I thought that I was the only fuggin girl gamer at GT.

As far as me being an Instigator I think not, when have I ever instigated something, until Kikin acted like a little ass bitch that night, thats right BITCH.

To everyone that copies I admit that everyone copies but to go as far to say Shin and Gimp got there Ryu’s from darik and estuardo that is a little far fetched. Even I know that they to different kinds of RYU and even Estuardo could tell you that I have even asked him the difference.

  1. Shin and Gimpy plays Rush down Ryu
  2. Different groove most of the time they play A,N,S
    Also I have to say is talk shit in person it is so much better for the camera:lol: :lol: :lol: .


wow i came here to see where Ronin Wing plays.

seems like everyone is in K groove over here. pissed off and wating to clock someone for some serious damage.


I am not a bad guy!!!

I always seem to get bad mouthed on the these threads for something or another. I will try to shake everyones hand from now on and shut my mouth. I will try to focus, but I just ask one thing. Please whoever plays me next time please dont fart during or before the match.

And Jody I have it now. Jodi is not equal to Jody.




After reading this thread I can only think of 2 things…

  1. People have too much time on their hands

  2. I know what its like to be talked about on the boards, I know your pain LOL



shinshay: i cant make any promises:p

edit: on kikin’s behalf he told me to run the tournament at the beginning… I made the brackets and took the money while he was still there. You did say you had to go to the bathroom though lol:D


Why are you guys so funnnnnnnnnny:lol: i mean there were only 6 people and there is still sooooooooooo much drama also who were the elite GT players that were there. I hope that this shit talking and drama can continue to happen it makes my workday go by so much faster than when its all quiet and stuff