Gametime weekly results 8/22


Um ok im not sure how posting results works but since kikin is faking here it is for yall bamas that didnt show(stitch again, saqs again, chun understandable…bmore resident, tommykid again) The way its posed to be: (look at top 2)

1st: Jody “the don” Woodley
2nd: Wayne “kid” Riley
3rd: Kikin “dont post result” adam jennings?
4th: Joe “Richmond hahaha” Vanpelt
5th: Marc P
6-11: not sure the order [too much macaroni salad+40s] eric valncia, eric lee, anthony gilbert? (i dont know where im pulling these names from), fei long/long fei, blt “last place ass” andrew ward ha, ok so that doesnt equal 11 so what. sue me. Maybe i could get some apex for me and my man…?

Next time everyone come out so we can have a more cooleyfied tournament, even if its single elim. Also anyone thought about moving the weeklys to a saturday so we could play double elim cvs2 + a mvc2 tournament? or am I the only one that thought of this? anyway we came (waldorf), we pimped, we got bent, someone plz stop us… :cool:


Also good luck to everyone going to philly wish i could come but I’m broke… :frowning: have fun:cool:


yes good luck to ALL i know going to philly

and good job on places guys!


good job, though i heard someone was saying i was scared or something and that was why i didn’t enter. i was sick, tired, and heartbroken over some bitch, so yeah, if you wanted to play on sticks that dripped of histamine and me whining like a little girl :(, than yeah, you should have encouraged me to play. but anyways, i’ve never talked trash about anyone, nor have i pumped myself up as the end all/be all of GT CVS2, so i don’t know why people have to talk about me like that.

anywho, i’m back to school in Wisconsin on thursday, so i guess no more GT weeklys for a while. in closing, Estuardo, stop being a bitch and start winning these tourneys again and keep the belt in VA!


ya when we were playing you could barely play w/o sneezing 5x per ratio player. if youre congratulating me thanks. I guess you are trying to say i was saying that i dont think i did. are you talking about me? The only person i could see me saying i was the end all/be all of gt is blt because he sucks so bad and we’re friends so i lunch of him so if you that its out of context i guess some “people” are haters. No need to trip dude. everyone like to act like videogames are testing manhood but I dont see anyone trying to bet any money except me… I will say it you definately were not scared as the reason you didnt play i can personally testify you were way messed up b4 the tournament and there is no such thing as being to scared to play as sometimes i know im going to lose (like if i went to philly) but I’m still going to play anyway and you know you can beat me as you were doing so. im not that good and am still learning (you yourslef taught me a lot about rc’ing). Nobdy uses pm to resolve problems huh…?


it was a real congratulations, just that there was some outside drama involved, so that clouded the post. i think someone told me that just to start shit, but whatever. but anyways, i hate how crappy CVS2 is, but unfortuantely, its too late in the game to learn any other “new” game and i heard SC2 is broken to hell too so oh well. time to stoody to get that 100k/year job :smiley:


Ryu1999: Start playing 3S. It’a way better than CVS2.:smiley: