Gametrailers' Top 10 Fighting game franchises


So yeah, random Monday morning time waster. Personally, I don’t think MK and KI belong in there at all, but at least they got the number 1 spot right.

GT top 10 countdown

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Geez, that’s probably one of the best videos i’ve seen in mainstream media regarding fighting games. Some spots were questionable, but it’s amazing how much they got right. Everything down to curleh moustache. :confused: :rofl:


Where’re mah Darkstalkers?


I just saw this video. I always enjoyed game trailers top 10’s. They are usually spot on. Some of the choices I believe are questionable, but I can not argue with number one! :rofl:

I personally would have put Samurai Showdown, and Soul Calibar a bit lower in the ranks. I love both franchises, but I think they were placed to high.


…why MOTW footage when talking about KOF?

Also :lol: @ “you know that the soul still burns for a reason” as Rock stands up, crotch at face level of that kid. :lol:


Yeah I think Darkstalkers should’ve been in there, and Samurai Showdown much lower on the rankings. Agree very strongly with #1 and 2 though. :slight_smile:

Warp, I noticed that too lol. Actually, I think some people could make a case for MOTW deserving a place of its own…


They did this whole thing just to say SF4 is the best? Dumbasses.


They said Street Fighter is the best. Not SF4.

Even though the main reason they created this list is because of the release of SF4, at least they recognized the franchise. Learn to…watch?


MK and KI, for better or worse, brought contributions to the fighter table.


Darkstalkers is my favorite alltime fighting game franchise…it pains me to see Killer Instinct of all things above it. It’s not like KI has been relevant in a long ass time. And I don’t get SamSho being that high at all. On an international scale, KOF could have been higher, though it hasn’t exactly been huge in the US.


One and two I agree with, the rest seems out of order for some reason. I don’t like Tekken that much, but it should not be that low. People in the comments are complaining about DoA not being in there. :rofl:


Samsho and KOF could trade places imo, but it was surprisingly non-aggravating to watch compared to how these fighting game toplists usually are in the media.

I enjoyed that they used the Soul Blade intro song too :lovin:


Perhaps it’s because it’s the first ever weapon based fighting game? From what I can recall, Samsho2 also had a somewhat decent following in the US during it’s release at the time and probably does to a more limited scope nowadays.

Yeah, I’m kinda sad that Darkstalkers didn’t place higher myself. Shame that such a unique series never took it off the mainstream in the west. I’d say the same for KoF, but 12 may change all that, hopefully.

Oh, and in before people laughing at the comments complaining about the lack of Smash in the list.


I scrolled to the end and all I saw was SF4 and closed the window lol. :rolleyes:

And I’m just curious and all… but how does one “learn to watch.”


Great to see SS up there. SS and SF are undoubtedly, the best.


wow…tekken really is hella low. def should be higher than soul calibur.


virtua fighter getting its much deserved props for once

the list was pretty good to me

rofl @ them saying Curleh Mustache

  1. Guess even gametrailers doesn’t consider smash a fighting game:rofl:

  2. surprised nobody’s arguing over how GG beat MvC2

  3. Kind wanted KoF to beat Soul Calibur, but I could understand why.

good list, though



I dunno, how bout by not scrolling to the end, seeing one frame and making assumptions about the entire video, lol.

Great list. Order is debatable (except for the last 2 and first 2), but everything deserves a place on the list. And yes, lol at Pringles.


oh and lets all enjoy how doa didnt make the list. lol. u cant disguise a shitty game wit ass and tits.