GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri

Hey guys anything going on tomorrow? I’m visiting from FL and Justo and I plan on going there. I mostly play MvC3 but theres no scene in Springfield so I’ve been playing tons of AE.

Fightnight tonight! Setups (IE Systems ) are always welcomed. Good showing it looks like for tonight pre EVO! I wanna ft5 EVERYONE

TIger woods

18th mix

DAAMMNNNN let me know when the next flat rate saturday is

Good games today guys. Although I mostly played IIDX and MVC3, the 2 sets I had with Dan in AE were fun. I wish I had a place back home that had regular fight nights. Really nice venue :slight_smile:

Yo Framingham!

Soooo…fight nights any time soon?

Hey all NH tournament in Pelham this weekend.

Fightnight tonight!

Do a lot of people play Marvel in GU? I kinda want to get some games in lol

wow, way to post at 7pm, i totally would’ve come, but I’ve been avoiding srk so I don’t have to see Fuudo’s ugly face everytime i log on…fuck you Lucky D :frowning:

Hey guys frag night still on tomorrow, but im gonna be a lil late (I’ll be there 8-9) but no one shows up till then anyways
then mashing buttons all night

and just a friendly pester of that $5 venue :smiley:

hold dat

cheese: It depends, theres always 1-2 set ups with some heads, but its def an AE state, not everyone can make it out of pools like you

“makes belt motion”

so you’re saying that friday is a go?

omg cheeseburger plays football???
cb yeaaaaaaa


wtf Canadian Bacon? lol

shoutouts to me!

Shout outs to belts