GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri

TIger woods

18th mix

DAAMMNNNN let me know when the next flat rate saturday is

Good games today guys. Although I mostly played IIDX and MVC3, the 2 sets I had with Dan in AE were fun. I wish I had a place back home that had regular fight nights. Really nice venue :slight_smile:

Yo Framingham!

Soooo…fight nights any time soon?

Hey all NH tournament in Pelham this weekend.

Fightnight tonight!

Do a lot of people play Marvel in GU? I kinda want to get some games in lol

wow, way to post at 7pm, i totally would’ve come, but I’ve been avoiding srk so I don’t have to see Fuudo’s ugly face everytime i log on…fuck you Lucky D :frowning:

Hey guys frag night still on tomorrow, but im gonna be a lil late (I’ll be there 8-9) but no one shows up till then anyways
then mashing buttons all night

and just a friendly pester of that $5 venue :smiley:

hold dat

cheese: It depends, theres always 1-2 set ups with some heads, but its def an AE state, not everyone can make it out of pools like you

“makes belt motion”

so you’re saying that friday is a go?

omg cheeseburger plays football???
cb yeaaaaaaa


wtf Canadian Bacon? lol

shoutouts to me!

Shout outs to belts

sins of the place… first lord of hate Edpachi has returned from Hades to take more souls. holla at me bitches and let’s get shit started right