GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri


3s0 AE, mvc3 and mk9 tonight boys lets masshh :smiley:

Your pimp hand was strong this weekend Mr. D, very good shit!

Oh hey there!

D I expect to see you and the crew down here on the 18th, I know you want that rock/paper/scissor run back

Hope to see everyone at the Souper Bowl tournament on Sunday!

Also, hopefully I’ll be able to hit GU next week.


Relax, zipperhead.

Hurtful and inappropriate.

fight night this friday? y’all better be there!!!

edit: Lucky fucking Daniel!!!

i think im in there tonight

dammmmmmm,yo we so in there, y’all better be in there cuz we in there

I’m headin to GU tomorrow but leaving pretty early. Smiley is iffy on that but I havn’t played 3s in a week so

GOD DAMN IT ROYYYY why you gotta go when we ain’t goin?!

Even if I do show up I leave by 10 cuz I have class the next day

I’m hitting this up for mad marvel, gotta practice up for ct

fightnight boys

i will fight for my right to fight at night tonight

I’m in there… gonna play the shit out of some video games