GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri

Cozby, I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying. However, you ended it with a mention of SCV (which comes out a week from tomorrow [next Tuesday the 31st], BTW), so I’m onboard with whatever it is. That game is gonna be fun as hell.

Tournament this saturday! Who’s going??

Craig that sounds a bit paranoid. I mean, I don’t take shots at you, or really anybody unless you’re a game duck. But thats me, personally. Its a forum, I don’t take ANY of this seriously. Its all in fun, anyway.

yeah well, when your on the receiving end of it you’ll start to question who’s actually being genuine as they look you in the eye, smile, and shake your hand. not limited to or specifically about anyone ive met at gu or anything though, in this case.

what tournament? is it at GU?

Just a reminder, we will be holding BONE (Best of New England) monthlies on the last Sunday of every month at GU for Calibur. We will also be having a Beginner’s Only tournament along with that - both with cash payout. It’ll be a fun little way to get acquainted to the Calibur tournament scene without diving in head first. Only catch is, once you win a beginner’s tourney, you cannot enter it again.

KDZ and his crew are already signed up for the first BONE. I repeat, Jersey is coming. If you guys want to see high level scrubby month-1 Calibur, do stop by.

These tournaments have historically also doubled as Ranbats for the community. It is undecided whether or not we will do that this time around. I’ll post up info as it comes.

Will there be SF4 during these as well? Or is this just a SC5 exclusive event?

SCV exlusive.

SCV is cool and all and I wanna learn it and enter tourneys for it but I can’t see driving a hour just for a SCV tourney. There arent gonna be any other tourneys cept a SCV monthly? The other GU tourneys will they then not have SCV cuz there are already SCV tourneys?


Sorry, I’m going to have to ask Idle about that. He’s running the show here. I thought about my reply earlier, and I’m not positive if he’s going to be doing any other games. I know his goal is to have as many people as possible play CALIBUR. If holding tourneys for other games is possible for our format, and it gets more players for SCV, I’m sure he’ll oblige. Keep very much in mind, however, that BONE is traditionally a Calibur tourney - always has been. If any of you guys wanna be a TO for GU’s (whatever) tourneys, talk to Jamie. I’m sure he’d love the idea. What Idle is doing, though, is seperate from GU’s tournaments.

Calibur is to me what Street Fighter is for most of you: My first tournament game. So uh, forgive me if I’m not all that sympathetic if people don’t wanna drive down for the tournament because of lack of variety of games. The scene is very serious about this game at this point in time, and we’re going to be there whether you guys show up or not. If you wanna get good, show up.

(A little post script… Will, consider this: SCV is not some game that’s predecessor you were godlike at anyway like SF or MvC. This game is going to require some serious breakdown, for new and veteran players alike, and honestly, I think right now it needs its own tournament. I do think, though, that you have an amazing mind for fighting games, and I would be absolutely delighted if you took it seriously. You would be a great addition to the community. Not saying that you won’t, but your evident reluctance for travel speaks to me.)

That said, I personally have 0 interest in TO’ing any other tourneys during BONE, and I will refuse if asked.

I’ll show up for a tournament that’s just SCV, unless it turns out that SCV sucks. Well I’ll be at the first one either way, since we won’t be able to tell by that point if it sucks or not.

i played MK when it first came out and i wasnt good at any of the ones before it either but I would enter tourney. But I wouldnt have driven to GU for a MK only tourney day. I bet other real MK heads would but I wouldn’t because I’m not sure about the game to begin with. But if they are running tourneys for other games I play and MK was there I entered it everytime for a while. Its cool for them to run a SC tourney but having other games there gives me and other people more of an incentive to come and try it. Last GU tourney I entered KOF and its my first KOF where I tried to get competitive and I like the game but if they had a KOF only tourney at GU I wouldn’t have gone.

again its cool to have some stuff to really get SC out there so people can play it but with nothing else there i cant imagine too much cross over from the players there. as opposed to when you have a tourney with others runnings. And how about the GU tourneys will those stop because there will already be a fighting game monthly and if they will continue along with the BONE stuff will SC be run at the other tourney.

also i was only ever good at SF games MvC was the first marvel game I got to play at the same time as everybody else so its not like i played with MvC cuz i was good at the old versions of it. I prob wouldnt have driven a hour and a half to souperbowl for the first MvC3 tourney if it was only MvC3 I wanted to atleast be able to play something i was more comfortable with (SF4) along with the new game.

It should be a good game.

What if I enter a beginner tournament then win, grow a mustache enter the next as NotCheeseburger and tell you guys I’m his twin brother. Would that be viable?

Hypothetically speaking of course

I am an authority on this matter.

Yes, that would be legal.

@Ryan and Will; I think you guys both have good points. On one hand, I like the idea of BoNE being SCV exclusive. However, I think that Will makes a strong argument by saying that you’re only going to get hardcore SC players if it’s SC only.

That said, GU hosts tournaments approximately every month/every other month or so. If no one else is willing to step up (which I think Ryan probably will, but no pressure), I’d be willing to run a SCV tournament on one of the GU tourney days for people who, like Will, will be there anyway and may be more incentivized to enter instead of making a special trip for it if they don’t already know it.

Also, not going to be at the Dedham tourney on Saturday. My second band’s lead singer/guitarist is getting back from touring and we haven’t practiced for like two months. I’m gonna try to hit up that place if they have other stuff going on though.

EDIT: Also stoked about the beginner’s tourney. Great idea Ryan/Idle/whoever came up with that! Is the first BoNE at the end of February?

Thanx dude!

I remember the last time I went to B.O.N.E. Wasn’t it vanilla SF4 and Tekken 6?

It was also SC4 and the farewell to Game Universe.

And about what Ryan is saying, SC5, at least in the beginning because people are pretty amped will get good turnouts from MA, CT, and NJ at the very least. SC has a strangely large group of steadfast guys. I understand not wanting to attend a one game tourney, but I am fairly positive it will have great turnouts and if you have any interest in the game, I would try your best to make it out to these to meet the guys who only play SC and pick some stuff up.