GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri

RESPEKT in mahvel?! get that shit outta here… i would rather devote my life to figuring out how to travel back in time, just so i can get aids, find little “ill will” on the playground, he’d probably be on some dumb ass turtle statue, offer him some candy, rape his dumb ass when he gets in my van and give him aids. i would much rather do that then say “good game wilson, that was fun”.

After Essex time travel rapes illwill, I also time travel to find little illwill dress myself as a teacher give him his report card in Spanish and it would have an F on it. He then proceeds to say “worst day ever!” and hangs his head in shame.

Typical Cheeseburger, ripping off other peoples good time travel jokes.

Last few posts are very amusing. More of this and less dumb fucks like me pls.

I can see through that, jokes of everyone!

sup dudes, we got a tournament in fall river this saturday and I am TRYING LIKE HELL to get people out there for KoF. I’m outta Braintree, I’ll be bringing 8088 up at least, and if you’re relatively near me and play KoF, LOOK ME THE HELL UP.

as it stands, KoF isn’t on the bill. lets change that. look me up and give shouts on the thread and the facebook event. lets get KoF in there.

wait why am i getting raped again? is it cuz i rape everyone in the present so they wanna rape me in the past?

shout out to essex on that chomo swag

[LEFT]So are there games tonight?[/LEFT]

Yes and no. There will be games at GU tonight. However, since it is the last Friday of the month, the only game we will be playing is Clayfighters 2: Judgment Clay.

I know that there will be at least two ASUS setups for Arcade Edition.
SCV, MK and UMVC always gets some love on Fridays.
Peanuts, are you running the C2:JC tourney?

It pretty much runs itself, since the tournament mode for the game supports double elimination style tournaments. Sets up the brackets for you and everything.

Games fray. Pick top tier. Pick Mr Frosty.

I have no idea what the tier list for that game is like. I think I remember that the banana guy is bullshit but I don’t remember why.

Can we add in Killer Instinct?

Ban Cinder.

Hey any Massholes wanna come up to South VT for an event? Hit the thread in my signature:

It’s all about the Blob. Holy shit, can we actually play Clayfighter tonight? I haven’t played that since college! (Which, incidentally, was last year.)

I believe I speak for the audience when I say, we prefer Massheads.

Got it. I never head either term before until someone came into one of our other threads talking about “boston scene is coming up so youll def get some massholes”. Anyway, I’ll probably just not use either anymore since I’m not from Mass and now that I think about it I feel weird saying it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not actually offended, I was going for a counter ass-head joke and it wound up being wrapped in too much sarcasm.

Check out my new video everybody! Please enjoy and give me feedback! You saw it here first lol!