GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri


Just a reminder tournament this Saturday, hope most of you can make it. <br><br><br>


From what I’ve seen of GU, everyone there is very patient and nice to beginners <br><blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/84687/dwajio">dwajio</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Hey, I’m real close to GU, a town over from Framingham. I was wondering how entry level friendly this spot is? I’ve been playing for about 3 months now, and want to get some practice playing other players. Is it only tournament format, or will I be able to sit down with some players to play some casual matches to level up? <div><br></div><div>Thanks!</div></div>



Thanks for the response, is there a specific day I should show up if I want to practice marvel?<div><br></div><div>If one day is more popular with Marvel maybe?</div>


Friendly Reminder<br><br><br><br><br><br>Hope people come!<br>


see you guys tonight. buttons buttons buttons.<br>


I don’t know if people still use this, but here! Check this out. GU tournament, March 30th. [Mar 30, 2013] Game Underground Monthlies (Framingham,MA)


thought this thread was dead


Reminder guys, our next event in CT is April 20th! The winner of AE will win a roundtrip ticket to EVO


^That looks sick.

Friends who are hype for Injustice. This Injustice exclusive event is taking place next Sunday at GU! Be there, it’ll be so gooooot.


just wanted to take a minute and hype up KoF for GUTS now that I actually have the time


gonna send out as many invites on the book of faces as I can today

might come out to fightnight tonight… depends on how early I gotta work tomorrow, and I’m also recovering from a procedure I had on my feet yesterday. we’ll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


What’s goin’ on lately @ this place? What’s the scene and dates like for Marvel and SF?


fight nights every friday from 7pm till i think midnight. usually longer i think


get ready!!!
everyone needs to come! if this goes well…next year i will be looking at a 2day event


Free Joysticks & Joystick Parts

Hi Boston area players. I’m an old player who’s pretty much retired from fighting games these days and I’ve got some miscellaneous joystick gear that I’m offering to give away for free to anyone who wants to come get them. I live in Cambridge right on the red-line in Central Square.

Send me a message here on SRK if you’re interested.

My profile picture shows all the gear.

I can’t make any promises about how well the full joysticks work, as I used to take them apart and put them back together or just use them for parts for custom sticks I made; however, there are plenty of parts that might be useful to anyone who’s still doing custom sticks.

PS2 Tekken 5 joystick
PS2 Soul Calibur 2 joystick
stick unit out of an original xbox360 SF4 (non-te, the white one) joystick
PS2 controller extension cable
misc bag of joystick buttons & parts
super joybox4 PS2 -> USB adapter (I think you can find all the drivers online)


Do you have a FB? If so, a lot more people would see this if you post on the MA Fighting game group.


Hi everyone. New to Mass. Gonna try and come tonight. Peace.






Sunday, June 8 at 1:00pm - 10:00pm
Havenshine (inside Super Dragon)
805 Broadway, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02861


  • 1:00pm - King Of Fighters 13 ($5 Entry)
  • 2:00pm - Ultra Super Street Fighter 4 ($10 Entry)
  • 3:00pm - Injustice: Gods Among Us (10 Entry)
  • 4:00pm - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 ($10 Entry)

Side Tournaments
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate ($? Entry)
Soul Calibur V ($? Entry)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ($? Entry)

Pot Splits
70/30 under 10 players
65/25/10 10-24 players
55/25/10/10 25+ players
Pot bonus Will be decided 5 minutes before starting
with a definite portion to placing players and
possibly to a random non placing entry

Setups are always needed. We have wifi, so if you have streaming equipment, that would be great as well.


Ultra party in Fall River @ Game King tonight 7pm-2am. $5 venue fee. Food, combos, Decapre, salt.