GameUnderGround Ranbats Framingham MA August 6

Hey guys! We’re Finally gonna start ranbats here at GameUnderGround!

For those of you who haven’t been here before. Its a Lan center thats been home to some of the best MA’s players for SSF4. We’ve been hosting competitive tournaments and live streams since the day vanilla came out, and are excited to get a ranbat season started!

Heres how the ranbats gonna work (standard).

-Bi Weekly event, every other Friday, starting August 6th.
-System will be on Ps3! There will be casuals set up for xbox, but all tournament and stream matches will be on ps3
-BYOC. We have my house sticks and game pads, but it’ll make yours and my life alot easier if you follow this rule
Starts at 9pm EST

1251 Worcester Road

-its $5 Entry, 70-20-10 split, 5$ Venue
-$1 of each entry will be put into a separate pot for the ranbat winners at the end of the season

-Top 8 recieves points for every ranbat:
1st: 10
2n: 7
3rd: 5
4th: 3
5-8: 2

Depending on the turnout of each of the season, a additional prize may occur for the winners at the end.

If you have questions

store number 508 283 1503
my cell: 781 413 6258

Its the stores first ranbat season, i hope it turns out great!

Put more than $1 towards the season prize. If it goes for 6 weeks and you get 20 people each time (which is being pretty optimistic) that’s only $120, so like $75 to the winner.

We did ranbats in MD over the summer and the first season we did 6 weeks, $5 entry fee and everything went to the prize pool. Winner got his evo plane ticket paid and had like $250 left over, and the 2nd/3rd placers didn’t get fucked over by showing up to 6 tournaments to win like 5 bucks.

That being said I’ll probably be there for most of these :tup:

and that one cool honda from RI xD

STN LUCKYD, lets have a major turnout!

hmmm everything went to prize pool? I mean Id be really ok with that, maybe even convince the venue to throw in a lil for somthing

also, during ranbats, and maybe all fight nights, i think im gonna be a changing the venue,
I think im gonna adrop the venue to 3$
but make everyone pay it, cause im just not getting enough venues.

thoughts on the 5$ all into the pool, with a bonus or somthing at the end?

I like HBRD’s idea with the $5 going towards the pool. Also, anyway this could have a set start time? I know sometimes people don’t show up til late, but a start time of 8:30 or 9 would allow the tournament plenty of time to finish before 12 especially if there were multiple set ups. If not I understand, I just think it’s easy to get burnt out when you’re playing or watching ssf4 for like 6 hours haha.