GameUniverse MA 02-06-09 Tournament!

This up and coming Friday 02-06-09 we will have another Firday Night fight night!


Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

Third Strike

And last but not least
Street Fighter Alpha 3

So get hyped!

But heres the REAL BIG NEWS
We are ordering a Japaneese Version (2 copies) of SF4 for ps3. What does this mean? STREET FIGHTER 4 ON FEB 13TH
Now I CANNOT guarantee this, but We payed for first day shipping and when we did this for TvC it came the next day.

SO here’s what we decided to do. Friday the 13 will be another Fight Night at Gameuniverse. 5$ entry fee play all games till 2 am with tournies.

IF WE HAVE street fighter we will have the frist console SF4 tournament that day!
Singles Double Elimination 2out 3
$10 entry
As SOON AS WE GET IT IN I’ll post but we’ll run somthing that night no matter what


Also it will be $10 for ALL DAY PASSES to play Street Fighter 4 any day that’s not fight night even AFTER the game comes out!

Original Post
Trying to make a scene with no TGA, lets do it

5083704263 for directions/questions