GameWare 3.1 (Baton Rouge, LA) Results SF4/TVC/T6

Street Fighter IV (26)

1st- Jakob (Sakura)
2nd- ZTI (Cammy)
3rd- BravoNavo (Abel)
4th- kenmastersX (Akuma/Gouken/Dictator)
5th- kingofkod (Boxer)
5th Trumpet (Sagat)
7th Shadowcharlie (Blanka)
7th PumpkinBomber (Boxer)

Grand Final

TVC (<16)

1st- kenmastersX (Casshan/Zero)
2nd- Trumpet (Ryu/Tekkaman Blade)
3rd- Some guy playing Megaman/Roll

Tekken 6 (8)

1st Shadowcharlie (Armor King)
2nd. David Williams (Leo)
3rd. kenmastersX (Leo)

GS everyone hope to see you all at the next one, we need 3/5 for finals next time lol.

It’s Zero/Casshan

david used leo

srsly? XD

yay for 2nd place:party:
only wish I could have gotten at least a round off your Sakura :crybaby:
either way ggs to everyone.

Looks like you guys had a great turn out for TvC! God to see LA holding it down!!!

Note to self: Don’t enter three tournaments when you’re running all of them.

GGs to everyone there!
Next one is March 19th. SFIV and TvC showing up.

Yo, I’m the guy who got third in TvC. I used Ryu/Batsu.

I came in not knowing what to expect. Nice to see there’s a good number of players in LA.

GG’s to all you guys I played.