Gameware 3.6 Results

Hey guys, here’s the results of the most recent Gameware tournament:

-28 Entrants
-Top 8:
Winners: Stone, Irvin, Jakob, Truong
Losers: Nick J., Sarah, Asnes, Jonathan

Top 8 Log:
-Jonathan (GU) def. Sarah (CH) 2-0
-Nick J (IB) def. Asnes (BL) 2-0
-Irvin (BA) def. Stone (GY/FE) 2-0
-Jakob (BI) def. Truong (DU/RU) 2-0
-Stone (GY) def. Jonathan (GU) 2-0
-Truong (DU/RU) def. Nick J. (IB) 2-1
-Truong (DU) def. Stone (GY/FE) 2-1
-Jakob (BI) def. Irvin (BA) 2-0 (Winners)
-Truong (DU/RU) def. Irvin (BA) 2-1 (Losers)
-Jakob (BI) def. Truong (RU) 2-1 (Grand)

So for the lack of a proper top 8 listing, I’ll go ahead and do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Jakob002 (M.Bison)
    2.Truong Tra (Dudley, Rufus)
  2. KingofKod (Balrog)
  3. kenmastersX (Guy, Fei Long)
    Tied for 5th: Niksurugi (Ibuki), Cities (Guile)
    Tied for 7th: Sarah (Chun Li) Shadowcharlie (Blanka)

Good times

Need more vuvuzella

Use the srk names, don’t want people knowing my true identity, god you all suck! scrubs!
good shit though last night, lots of fun

Gogo renewme!

Had fun, looking forward to the next…